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Tuesday May 19, 2020

Dressing room decorations –

The dressing room has become one of the rooms of great importance for both women and men, especially as the diversity of its spaces made it one of the options offered when designing the apartment, or for villas of all sizes.

Dressing room decorations

  • The most popular wardrobe designs vary according to different tastes, especially if the ability to change colors or arrange room components is very simple.
  • In addition, this room may represent a corner of the bedroom, if it does not have space as a separate full room.
  • The idea that there was a surprise for changing clothes appeared from an early time, when it was limited to the rooms of kings and princes, and then the wealthy, especially the artists.
  • And it became a part in the clothing stores of famous brands, especially as it was referring to the sophistication of the brand, which seeks in terms of marketing to sell a complete model, and not specific parts, and from here encouraged many men, as well as men to go out of stores with their clothes that they bought.

Small size room decorations

In this model of the dressing room, which is suitable for small spaces, we want multiple clothes shelves, some drawers, many small shelves, and also a shoe carrier. And if he does not take a wall completely, he will take part of the wall; This means that you may be part of the bedroom, adjacent to the bathroom in the room, or meet the bed side, for example.

In a modern design, the changing room appears behind the bed, has no influence on its position, and is as simple as the feature of most modern room decorations; It depends on the stacking of a set of shelves, drawers, and clothing, shoes, and accessories.

In this model, the dressing room appears in quiet and classic colors, and its large shelves are spread around the windows. There is also a clothes rack hanging beside the room to the right, and a seat in front of it. This room can be in a shop, and it can be implemented simply in one corner of the large bedroom.

This small-sized dressing room is suitable for a corner of the room in a villa, or a large-sized apartment, and it has taken two angles, to lay the foundation of this room and is made up of a simple set of drawers, as well as a set of shelves to contain shoes, coats, and other clothes.

In this corner, some shelves that were used to hang clothes or stack them appear, and we also notice some bags and a basket for collecting dirty laundry. In the event that you do not see the shoes, it is very expected that the shoes with their containers will be next to the entrance to the house, for example.

Large size dressing room decorations

This distinctive room has many rich details such as a dressing room, starting from the color, the design of the long mirror, as well as the seat, and the accessory table. We find that the room is very rich in shelves and drawers, and the presence of two horizontal columns for hanging clothes in this way has followed the basic rule in breaking the rule of this strong color by giving a lot of vitality to the room thanks to the colors of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

It is clear here that the dressing room is the top of the house’s rooms, as it is connected to the exposed ceiling on the sky, and the surrounding trees, and here we find shelves, as well as drawers, can accommodate a lot of clothes and shoes, and of course there is this seat, which is essential for changing rooms with large areas a little .

In this design, and despite the change of clothes for one of the corners of the room overlooking the entrance to the house, this did not prevent the multiple containers of drawers, shelves and cupboards, in order to store clothes and shoes, in the presence of a nearby office, as well as two seats.

This room appears to be a dressing room for a woman, and this is not only evident through the cutting of clothes and shoes shown in the picture, but also through the colors of the room. The room looks quiet, and like other changing rooms, there is a window necessary to ventilate the room.

This room, which turns out to be a man, is characterized by its breadth and proximity to the bathroom, in addition to its colors, which have a serious nature, and a great practical design. The room here expands to include many shelves, which died in order to contain all the clothes and shoes.

Distinctive designs for changing rooms

Apparently, this design contains a lot of clothes for a couple, and for this, the presence of a single wardrobe will not suffice, and for this reason, this distinct room expanded to change clothes, in order to contain their clothes; in addition to providing it with this simple cabinet that contains boxes or drawers for sewing tools perhaps, or cutting clothes Small.

This room has enough storage space for two people; A man and a woman, and for this she is distinguished by the presence of that “paraffin”, which divides her between the needs of each of them.

The secret of distinguishing this room lies in its being a design that was found specifically for the residents of villas or palaces, as it is luxurious in its details, and its design, which accommodates the requirements of everyone including clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Above the cupboard with many drawers.

The changing room here is a large wardrobe to hold dressing shelves, shoes, and bags, and the closet is near the window, and despite that the cabinet is not open, but rather closed with a glass cover, and there is near a comfortable seat in blue, and some baskets in a modern gesture that contains some lighting sources .

This room is very simple, because her mirror rests on one of the walls of the room, and she is lying on her floor, adjacent to her clothes column, which is mounted to put shoes, and some simple belongings; Like a accessories box, and there is a padded seat nearby, it can be pulled if you wear shoes, for example, or apply some toiletries.

This room can fit the apartment area and the villa area, and its shelves seem to be equal in size, and it has a simple seat, and thick, and that the shelves and drawers contain more clothes and shoes than a person, and this room can be found near the bedroom, or anywhere Fits home.

In the lives of the most practical people, and in connection with modern glimpses, it is desirable to make a set of shelves in the bedroom, which is occupied by many clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories, and there is also room for books, or bed linen, as the closet here is open, and can accommodate many things, A large part of them is in favor of a dressing room.[1]

The insistence on the presence of a dressing room in our homes no longer causes any special problem with the presence of many designs that are characterized by decorations that suit all areas, contain all purposes, and can volunteer with all available spaces.

There is also the possibility to make this dressing room suit one individual, with an appearance that may indicate the nature of this person, or express his taste, and there is another possibility to make this room fit a number of individuals; For example, if they are a girl group of friends, or men, or a couple and their children.

Having a dressing room in the house is one of the most important modern glances, which everyone seeks to vary their tastes by making it an integral part of their homes.

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