Download Tawakkalna Services for iPhone And Android 2022 is among the many facilities offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to citizens and residents on its lands. The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (Sdaya) has launched the new application (We Trust You Services) by introducing a number of new electronic services that will help citizens to complete tasks electronically and in a short time Today, through a useful website, we will learn what the new application is. What are the new services it offers?

What is Tawakalna Services app

Within the vision of the Kingdom 2030 launched by Saudi Arabia, the new application was announced with its new version (Tawakkalna Services), which is the wonderful applications announced by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) in order to provide a number of wonderful and useful services that amount to more than 140 services You will find all of them in one place in order to facilitate the tasks for the citizen and the resident.

The “Tawakkalna Services” service comes after the great success of the “Tawakkalna” application, which we previously talked about, and we learned how to download the “Tawakkalna” application for iPhone to take electronic permits. The number of registered users in the main application has exceeded nearly 26 million Saudi beneficiaries, between citizens and residents. To complement this success, the Saudi leadership saw the provision of the new service for services in order to provide more electronic services.

This service comes with the end of Ramadan 2022 and the approaching happy Eid Al-Fitr, as many tasks will be able to be completed while sitting in your home without the need to leave the house and go to government institutions and centers, everything will be done electronically and in a few seconds.

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Download Tawakkalna Services for iPhone and Android 2022
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Features of the Tawakkalna Services application

The application provides many advantages and improvements that will benefit visitors and residents, especially in light of the spread and outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid 19), and here are the most prominent and most important advantages that you will get, which are of the following type:

  • Easy access to the electronic wallet approved by government agencies and centers.
  • Ability to view driver’s license and insurance.
  • You can also access agencies, passports in addition to the instruments.
  • Ease of issuing movement permits from one place to another.
  • Easy to use and uncomplicated.
  • The ability to issue a health passport.
  • Submitting the results of the corona examination (corona vaccine).
  • You can download the Corona spacing application through the same platform.
  • Possibility to scan the trust us code.
  • Providing a verification code scanner, so that you can pay electronically if you download our services.
  • Public services and events.
  • Ehsan platform has been added.
  • Update and improve the data, with the ability to donate with Ehsan.
  • Managing the comprehensive permits necessary for the process of moving an individual from one place to another.
  • It includes a lot of services that will make it easier for the citizen and the visitor.
  • The application is available across many operating systems, including Android and iPhone running iOS.

The goal behind the application is to provide a set of services that cover various aspects of life, including:

  • education.
  • the health.
  • Religious services.
  • Other public services.

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Download Tawakkalna Services for iPhone and Android 2022

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAYA) has called on all citizens and residents to download the Tawakkalna Services application for iPhone and Android. The application has been officially available on the official stores, and you can download it through the following links:

  • Link to download our services for iPhone, click here from Google.
  • Link to download Tawakalna Services for Android, click here.
  • Download the app from the AppGallery for Huawei Android phones.
  • Download our services through the Galaxystore, click here.
  • Click on the download link, and you can also download the Tawakkalna application for old devices.
  • Click on Install and wait while the installation on the smartphone is finished.
  • Start using the application by clicking on its icon.
  • Sign in services.
  • Write your national identity number, or passport.
  • Type the password.
  • You can take full advantage of the advantages of the application, in order to facilitate your daily life.

Warning: If you decide to download Tawakkalna Services for iPhone and Android, you should beware of applications similar to it, as it has spread on the official stores in both Google Play Store for Android, and on the iTunes App Store for iPhone iOS, a number of applications and programs that imitate the official application.

Download Tawakkalna Services for iPhone and Android 2022

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The difference between our trust in services and our trust in us

A lot of people wonder about the difference between the new “Tawakulna Khidmat” application and the old “Tawakkalna Khidmat” application, which we have already known. In fact, there is no big difference between the two applications except in some matters, which are as follows:

Update our new trust 2022

  • Simple change to the main interface.
  • Adding the Ehsan platform within the application, where you can register on the Ehsan platform to pay off debts.
  • Transferring the services of the digital electronic wallet to the Tawakkalna Khidmat application.
  • The old Tawakkalna app has become only for everything related to Corona.
  • Putting donation services in the application interface.

In short, according to user reviews and ratings for the application on the App Store in Google Play Store on Android, they spoke that the new application “Tawakulna Services” is not very different from our old and main trust except in some simple matters that are not considered major radical changes.

Download Tawakkalna Services for iPhone and Android 2022

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At the conclusion of today’s article, we learned how Download Tawakkalna Services for iPhone And Android 2022, it is one of the new applications launched by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAYA) in order to facilitate electronic tasks for citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.