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Thursday February 13, 2020

Dot com domains prices may rise 100%

The ICANN organization responsible for overseeing the top-level domains is approaching the final approval of a dotcom domain price hike for the first time in eight years.

Since 2012, the official price for registering a dot com domain is $ 7.85, but companies usually charge lower prices or may give it for free in the first year in order to increase competition.

According to the new proposal, the price of the .com domain will rise to $ 13.50 within the next ten years.

Under the new agreement, Verisign, which owns the dot com domain supervision contract, raised its price by 7% annually, over the next ten years, to a maximum of $ 13.50.

The agreement also provides for the prevention of any price increases in 2024 and 2025.

The price hikes come not from ICANN, but from the US Department of Commerce, which also has some oversight roles.

It is noteworthy that Verisign had started negotiations with the US Department of Commerce and the US government to raise prices two years ago, but now it is close to approving the new agreement and is currently in the process of obtaining assessments and comments before announcing the final report in next March.

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