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Monday October 19, 2020

Doom is on the screen of the Samsung refrigerator thanks to xCloud

We were all confident that by 2020 cars would be flying in the air. We’re not there yet, but we’ve accomplished something that was science fiction a decade ago: playing Xbox games on the fridge screen. It’s true: someone managed to run Microsoft’s xCloud service on the screen of a Samsung smart refrigerator.

Richard Mallard, an Instagram user, accomplished this modern engineering feat by downloading the Android version of the Xbox Gamepass app to his fridge. The app works in a vertical position on the smart fridge, but the game appears in the correct proportions, along with cheese, beer and other things inside the fridge.

Continuing the tradition of running Doom games on unusual devices, Mallard chose Doom Eternal, a recent game from the popular franchise. We’ve even seen Doom running inside a game Minecraft recently. Doom Eternal is the first game to come to the special Game Pass

To Xbox yet Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax.

It’s fun to see xCloud software running on a smart refrigerator, but this also means that Microsoft’s game streaming service works on refrigerators before it was available on iPads and iPhones. Apple is blocking services like xCloud and Stadia from iOS and iPadOS devices, but the company has provided An olive branch recentlyWhen it enabled a feature that could enable Microsoft and other companies in the future to place cloud games in separate applications on the Apple App Store.

These are limitations that do not exist on Android systems, allowing xCloud to work on a range of mobile devices and tablets, and now on refrigerators. She did not like Microsoft The recent changes in Apple’s policy towards cloud gaming, and it is now working on laying the web version to bypass Apple’s restrictions. And at a recent company meeting, Xbox Chief of Division Phil Spencer revealed, “A straightforward browser-based solution“For xCloud it will be available at the beginning of 2021. Spencer didn’t mention smart refrigerators, but as the video shows, this is not a problem at all.”

  • This topic is translated from the site The Verge.

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