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Monday October 19, 2020

Domestic travel procedures in Saudi Arabia and passport procedures at the airport

It is no secret to anyone that airplanes are not only a means of entertainment and to reach tourist destinations, for how much time have been reduced from our flight schedules, especially those far away, regardless of whether they are tourist trips, business trips, or even visiting relatives and the like.

Especially in countries with large areas, airplanes are considered the best and fastest means of transportation to save effort, time and money, as is the case in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for example.

But what are the internal travel procedures in Saudi Arabia and the passport procedures at the airport in light of the current conditions?

Many changes have occurred in our daily life in light of the Corona pandemic, and travel and the preceding measures have been the first affected by the pandemic, as many officials have focused their attention on it to ensure that the virus does not spread and for the safety of travelers and crew alike.

Likewise, what happened in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the General Authority of Civil Aviation issued a guide for the traveler during the stage of resuming flights within the Kingdom, which represents a guiding framework for travelers, which includes a set of procedures and precautionary measures that the traveler will go through during his trip, in addition to the obligations that he must follow To ensure a safe travel journey starting from home until reaching the destination.

The most important procedures followed

Before the trip

  • Everyone should be obligated to purchase airline tickets via electronic means only, and whoever violates this condition will be prevented from traveling internally or externally.
  • All passengers must come to the airport at least two hours before the flight.
  • Entrance to the airport is restricted to travelers only, with the exception of those accompanying the elderly and people with disabilities.

at the Air port

  • Wearing the muzzle from the moment you enter the airport until the moment you exit the airport of the intended destination, with an emphasis on sterilizing hands all the time.
  • Avoid close queues on boarding buses and passenger bridges
  • Commitment to medical disclosure during the reservation and reporting stage in the event of any symptoms of Corona disease, along with a PCR examination to ensure that the traveler is free of the virus, and his date should not be more than 72 hours before the flight.
  • Social distancing signs should be followed at every waiting step and obey these signs.
  • Spacing passengers in the sitting and waiting areas must be implemented by leaving an empty seat between each passenger.
  • Security personnel will practice the concept of “minimal touch” to limit physical contact with you.

During boarding and during flight time

  • Only one piece per person, with a maximum of 7 kg, will be allowed inside the cabin.
  • Maintain social distancing while in line to board the plane.
  • Pass yourself the boarding pass at the selfscanning facility and proceed to the boarding gate.
  • Show your identity card to airline employees at the boarding gate and then board the plane sequentially as directed by airline employees.
  • Make sure to wear a mask for the duration of the flight.
  • A seat next to you will not be available for social distancing.
  • Blankets and pillows will not be available.
  • Enjoy prepacked refreshments and snacks.
  • Air sales will be available online only.

Whereas, the authority said in a special statement that the flights will be scheduled according to a specific timetable, so that the time periods separating the departure or upcoming flights are not less than 3 hours to ensure the purification of the facilities used by the passengers of each flight, in addition to applying the spacing between travelers Inside the plane, by allocating vacant seats among the passengers, and each passenger is allowed to carry only one piece of personal luggage inside the aircraft cabin.

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In the traveler’s guide, the authority stated that the preventive measures taken at the Kingdom’s airports upon arrival include a commitment to the gradual disembarkation of passengers from the plane, and the use of only 50% of the operating capacity of the passenger / bus bridge.

In the end, I hope dear traveler for you to reach your destination in peace, and remember always to keep a distance between you and others, and on your hands are sterilized and clean for the sake of those you love and fear for them.

And as long as you and your loved ones are safe ..

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