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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Does Trump address his severe poverty by slaughtering his sheep?

The world – it is said that

It was clear to everyone, even those who did not know anything about body language, that Ibn Zayed and Al-Zayani were moving according to the signals of the American trainer, as is the case for any trainer of animals in any circus, because the animals make movements that the viewer believes they are doing by their will or from understanding and awareness, while The truth is not like that, animals make movements that do not understand their significance and do not know their meaning or even why they do them.

It was also clear that what happened yesterday at the White House was nothing but election propaganda for Trump, who, due to his mismanagement, lies, and moral and political corruption, suffers from “severe public poverty” that made him lag far behind his Democratic rival, Joe Biden in opinion polls, so everything had to be used. In his bag of tools, he found only the sons of Zayed and the sons of Khalifa, so he summoned them, and they came, and they fell, without feeling as any human would feel, a pound in the sweat of honor, or a jealousy in honor, while the shepherd did not stop their fragility as The sheep were cringed, so they made idiotic smiles on their faces, a sign of satisfaction with what was done to them.

It was more than clear that Trump used the sons of Zayed and the sons of Khalifa as clowns in his circus, hoping that he would draw laughter on the faces of the Americans who frowned in his face, after the Corona virus failed him, overthrown his bad work, and his bad nature prevailed over his printing, but whatever the services of his sons Zayed and the sons of Khalifa, the American herding, will not change anything from the reality in America, which is plagued by Corona, racism, fires, unemployment, and political, social and economic crises at home, while it has become shunned and isolated even from its closest allies abroad.

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The biggest loser in the election campaign that Trump held is the sons of Zayed, the sons of Khalifa, and the sons of Saud behind them. Trump’s loss will not be more than not being reelected and slaughtering some of his sheep, and Netanyahu’s loss will not be more than the years he spends in prison, as for their loss it is eternal shame and shame. In this world and in the hereafter, the curse of history and their peoples, the Arab and Muslim peoples, and the gathering of the world’s free people will continue to haunt them, after Trump slaughtered them to remedy his “severe popular poverty.”

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