Exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do to maintain health. As it improves body health and fitness in all respects, it also reduces the risk of developing a group of chronic diseases, and it may seem difficult to introduce exercises regularly into the daily schedule at first, and to facilitate it, you can start slowly, then gradually increase, and divide the exercise time In parts, such as exercising for ten minutes several times a day.[1]

Sports and weight loss

The effect of exercise on weight varies from person to person, and although most people who exercise will lose weight in the long term, some people find that their weight remains stable at first, and there are a few people who will gain weight, This is due to gaining muscle, not gaining fat. When comparing diet and exercise, diet is more effective, but it is not sufficient to lose weight and maintain its stability in the long term. The following points show the effect of sports on weight loss:[2]

  • Studies show that 85% of people who follow a diet and manage to lose excess weight have not been able to maintain their weight, while people who exercise an hour a day tend to lose weight successfully and maintain it.
  • It is often recommended to exercise to lose weight; As it helps to increase the burning of calories, but the goal should be to lose fat and not just weight, when you reduce calories without exercising, a person will lose muscle and fat, while exercise helps reduce the amount of muscle lost, prevent the slowing down of the metabolic rate and burn calories. when losing fat; For this reason, measuring the waist circumference, and the percentage of body fat from time to time is important, and you should not rely on the scale alone.

Weight loss exercises

The type of exercise that a person chooses to lose weight is not as important as sticking to it as part of the daily routine, so experts recommend choosing exercises that a person enjoys, and some healthy lifestyle habits can be introduced to increase physical activity, such as walking or cycling to work, and climbing stairs. Instead of using the elevator, park the cars further away from the destination and walk the remaining distance. Here are some types of exercises that are beneficial for weight loss:[3]

  • Aerobic exercise: where the daily exercise routine should include a form of aerobic exercise, or the so-called aerobic exercises, which are exercises that increase the heart rate and blood pumping. Examples of aerobic exercises are: walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming, And dancing, and you can also exercise on fitness equipment, such as: treadmill, elliptical stairs, and stairs.
  • Weight training: The introduction of this type of exercise into the daily sports schedule helps to get rid of fat, in addition to building muscles that increase the rate of burning calories, and experts recommend exercising for the main muscle groups three times a week, which are the stomach muscles, Back, chest, forearms, hamstrings, shoulders, and arms.
  • Yoga exercises: It can be said that yoga exercises are not considered as high intensity as other exercises, but they can help lose weight in other ways; Some recent studies have found that people who practice yoga have a greater awareness of the type and amount of food they eat, and therefore are less likely to become obese.

Note: A doctor should be consulted before starting to exercise for people with heart, lung, diabetes, kidney, and joint diseases, and attention should be paid when starting the new sports program to the signals that the body gives; Where the level of fitness must be improved, without exposing the body to injuries, so you must stop exercising if the person begins to feel pain or shortness of breath.[3]

Exercise time to lose weight

An exercise plan does not have to be perfect in order to be effective, and different forms of exercise can be tried to find the right and enjoyable type for the person, and sticking to a specific amount, even if it is small, is the most important, and it is worth noting that losing half a kilogram through exercise alone is difficult. It is very, and takes a lot of time, so combining sports and a healthy diet is the best way to lose weight, and the following points show global recommendations about the time needed to lose weight and maintain its stability:[4]

  • It can be said that 150-250 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week helps to lose weight slightly, which is approximately 22-35 minutes of exercise per day.
  • Doing 250 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity exercise a week helps you lose weight dramatically, which is at least 35 minutes a day.
  • Calorie intake can be reduced slightly, with 150-250 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week, which will significantly improve weight loss results.
  • At least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week is needed to prevent weight gain, and the intensity of exercise can be altered to lose weight. If you are healthy enough for vigorous activities, some exercises can be shorter and more difficult to burn more fat. calories in less time, and other workouts can be longer and easier.

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Does exercise help you lose weight?

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