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Thursday October 1, 2020

Doctors are ringing the alarm in Tunisia, worried about the Italian scenario

The World – Tunisia

Doctors working in the government sector rang the alarm, due to the escalation in the number of Covid-19 patients, and the increasing need for respirators, calling for the application of more stringent measures to curb infection and avoid the Italian scenario, which flooded hospitals with Covid-19 patients.

Doctors in the public sector did not rule out the possibility that they would be forced in the future to choose between patients and give priority to resuscitation and ventilators for the youngest and “sacrifice” the elderly, stressing that strictly following preventive measures could avoid the worst scenarios in the coming weeks.

The head of the pneumology department at Abderrahmane Mami Hospital, in the capital, Tunis, Nawal Chaouch, said yesterday, Wednesday, that the epidemiological situation is dangerous and that in the coming days, doctors may have to choose between who will live and who will die.

During her attendance on a talk show on a local TV channel, Chaouch confirmed that the fate of the health situation in Tunisia will be similar to the scenario that Italy lived during the first wave of the Coronavirus outbreak, due to non-compliance with the health protocol.

The doctors ’statements increase the anxiety of Tunisians and their fear of losing their right to treatment in the government sector, in light of the difficulty of obtaining resuscitation beds and respirators, at a time when the official authorities are still confirming the existence of vacant beds and the ability of health institutions to accommodate more patients.

During the current week, Tunisia lost two patients with Covid-19, who were unable to access treatment, in the internal governorates whose hospitals are witnessing great overcrowding and a shortage of medical equipment and personnel, which has left a state of anger and fear, after doctors confirmed that Tunisia is heading towards the peak of the epidemic within two weeks. The next.

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Civil organizations expressed their rejection of the state’s policy in managing the health crisis in the country and the possibility of depriving citizens of their right to health guaranteed by the constitution, calling for the decision to be returned to the specialized scientific committees to take the necessary decisions to curb the epidemic.
The official spokesman for the Forum for Economic and Social Rights, Ramadan bin Omar, said that the exclusion of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona from taking decisions, and the exclusion of political power with it, is dragging the country towards the Italian scenario, as a result of an unprecedented increase in the number of injured.

In a statement to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, Bin Omar stressed that the rapid spread of the epidemic deprives vulnerable groups of their constitutional right to treatment and health, due to the inability of this group to obtain laboratory analyzes and stay in hospitals, calling for the re-decision of health crisis management to the specialized health committees.

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