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Wednesday April 1, 2020

Doctor: A vaccine that Syrians received as a child will protect them from corona

The World – Syria

Dr. Osama Hamdi Al-Masry and a professor at Harvard University indicated that scientific studies are currently confirming experiments and so far are not certain that God may protect us from the Corona virus by vaccinating we all received in childhood.

The study says: Look at the top of your left hand, you may find a sign that is not out of date, and you may remember the day when you received the most difficult vaccination in your life, and that inflamed your hand for several days. But this small vaccination that you received and suffered from might now save your life from Covid-19.

Tuberculosis vaccination, discovered by French researchers, Calmette and Gourein in 1921 after 13 years of research, which calls the BCG vaccine, strongly stimulates the immune system against many respiratory viruses and remains lifelong in most people. It is also used in the treatment of some bladder cancers because of its strong influence on The immune system of the body.

Recent laboratory studies published a few days ago have found that it may protect you from the new coronavirus. So Australia, Greece, Britain and the Netherlands are now researching this vaccine for that purpose.

Australia, for example, is vaccinating 4,000 elderly people and at-risk doctors and nurses in a massive study.

It is the luck of the people of the region that most of us received this vaccination as a child.

If you look at the attached world map, you will find that countries in yellow are still vaccinating their citizens, while many countries were vaccinating their citizens against tuberculosis, and then they stopped completely and appear in the map in purple, including Australia and most of the European countries where the disease is currently spreading.

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As for the countries that do not vaccinate their citizens at all and appear in red, they are Italy, the USA and Canada.

Perhaps this explains the increase in injuries and deaths in Italy and the rapid increase in the number of cases of more than 100,000 in America?

The doctor added: My friends in Egypt remind me of the speed of recovery of infected cases in a short period of time compared to other countries! So does that have a relationship? If all this is true, then God’s mercy on us is great and this observation gives us great hope that this difficult period of the epidemic will pass through!

Dr. Osama Hamdi added:
1- Tuberculosis vaccination strengthens the immune system as a whole against all microbes with bacteria or a virus.
2- We will not confirm the validity of this hypothesis until the research ends in 5 countries, including Britain, Germany and Australia, so I said maybe I am not sure, and I hope that the research will be positive.
3- The reason for the difference from China and Iran may be due to several factors. There are 6 different vaccines for BCG from 6 different sources.

Also, the way the vaccine is given varies, its dose and the type of bacteria used. Therefore, not a small percentage of humans will not give it any immunity, and this appears from the negativity of the test on the hand.

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