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Wednesday July 15, 2020

“Do not execute” project on the Saudi way!

The Mahabad terrorist bombing took place in September 2010 in the northwestern city of Mahabad, during a military parade organized on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of “Holy Defense” in the years of the war imposed on Iran (1980-1988), where the terrorist bombing killed 12 Kurdish and Iranian Azeris, Another 40 were wounded.

The hired media tried to turn public opinion by manipulating the trend and trying to convey the tag # Execution _needed, meaning in Arabic “do not execute” to the trend to claim that these criminals should not be executed while the perpetrators of the bombing killed 12 innocent people knowing that they were targeting to kill as many innocent people as possible Those present in the parade, since most of the injured were women and children, and the second important point is that most of the people who were in the electronic army that commented on the tag were “Saudis”.

Support for Saudi electronic flies for the marking comes while Saudi Arabia lacks the minimum freedom of expression and is punished by beheading all those who oppose the king or the crown prince and many of them are Qatif and Awamiya people who were tried for “inciting against the guardian” only because they demanded democracy or their rights, such as the child Murtaja Qureis He was arrested at the age of 13 because he led a bicycle march with 30 other children in Al-Awamiya (east of the kingdom) or blogger Raif Al-Badawi who flogged because he tweeted on Al-Saud, or the journalist Jamal Khashoggi who cut the chainsaw into pieces at his country’s consulate in Istanbul. Even the UN investigator, Agnes Calamard, has confirmed that the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is the original suspect in the Khashoggi murder case.

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Mahabad terrorist bombing details:

On September 22, 2010, at ten o’clock and 20 minutes this morning, an explosion occurred during a military parade in the northwestern city of Mahabad at a ceremony marking the thirtieth anniversary of the (Holy Defense) war imposed by Saddam’s ousted regime on Iran. Iran annually holds special ceremonies showing its capabilities Military. The explosion occurred 50 meters from the official platform and by an explosive device hidden in a bag, which was placed between the crowds of citizens present watching the military parade.

The terrorist bombing killed 12 and wounded dozens, the majority of whom were children and women present. Two of the wounded were transferred to the city of Orumiyeh due to the deterioration of their condition.

He accused the governor of West Azerbaijan, “the enemies of the revolution” of being behind the bombing, in order to destabilize Iran and stir up trouble.

In 2013, the commander of the headquarters of Hamzah Sayyid al-Shuhada, Brigadier Abdul Rasul Mahmoud Abadi, announced that on October 3, 30 of the terrorist bombers were killed by Iranian forces in Mahabad. He added that one or two clients are still on the run. In May 2014, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence issued a statement announcing the arrest of three people involved in the Mahabad bombing. It indicated that they recognized that they were trained, equipped, and funded by members of the Komla Party.

A section of the terrorist explosion

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