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Friday February 19, 2021

Do iPhone phones lack reverse wireless charging technology?

IPhone phones support wireless charging technology from the iPhone 8/8 Plus phones to the iPhone 12 phones and so forth, but at the same time it lacks reverse wireless charging technology.

What is reverse wireless charging technology?

Reverse wireless charging is a technology that enables the phone to wirelessly charge other devices such as another phone, headphones, or smartwatch.

Reverse charging technology does not depend on any wired connections between both devices (the device that provides charging power and the charging device), but rather depends on wireless charging, as the first device will act as a charging base for the second device, provided that both support wireless charging.

When launching iPhone 11 phones, there was an intention to provide that feature in them, but Apple canceled the idea later, and then renewed hopes with the iPhone 12 series, but Apple did not mention anything about it either.

Do iPhone phones lack reverse wireless charging technology?

Can we see it soon on the iPhone?

According to the documents published on the US Federal Communications Agency website, the iPhone 12 series phones can charge other devices wirelessly and are equipped with the appropriate hardware and design.

For some unknown reason, Apple decided to disable this important feature in the iPhone 12 series, and in theory Apple can activate it at any time and make it available to the user through an update to the iOS operating system.

The American Bloomberg News newspaper said in a recent report that activating the reverse wireless charging feature in iPhone 12 phones is unfortunately unlikely in the near future.

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Apple may announce an additional battery for the iPhone “Power Bank” as part of the new MagSafe accessories, and Apple may then activate this feature inherent in the iPhone 12 series.

The reverse wireless charging feature in the iPhone will allow you to wirelessly charge other iPhones, as well as AirPods (with a wireless charging case), AirPods Pro, and Apple Watch.

There are already many phones that support reverse wireless charging technology, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, S20, S21, Note 10, Note 20, and some high-end Huawei phones such as Huawei Mate 20 Pro and other phones.

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