distrust of people

The state of the individual losing confidence in others is known as the result of many reasons, the most important of which is that the individual begins to think about the possibility of pain and betrayal more than rapprochement and love, in addition to starting to evaluate others in terms of whether they are friends or enemies in an unconscious way. They are incompatible because some people are able to trust others easily while others are not, and the reason for this is due to the relationship provided by childhood caregivers whether it is safe or unsafe care.[1]

Signs of losing trust in relationships

Signs of a person’s lack of trust in others in social relationships include:[2]

  • Predicting infidelity before it happens: Predicting infidelity with a person with a bad track record is appropriate, but it must be recognized that this thinking is misleading if you continue to expect bad from people who have not shown any bad actions.
  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation: Problems with trusting others can be identified if the individual feels lonely and is unable to share what he feels with others.
  • Despair: Problems of trust in others can lead to an individual feeling hopeless and depressed, because it is impossible to adjust his behavior socially without trusting others, because if an individual is unable to trust others, he will feel as if he is in a world that does not belong to him and thus will increase the feeling of depression and despair .

How to cure distrust of people

The inability to trust people can be eliminated by seeking help from a psychiatrist to obtain group therapy sessions that help in strengthening intimate friendship relationships, and thus increasing the ability to trust many people, as the ability to share the individual’s trust problems with others with a psychiatrist is a step In addition, talking about trust issues with people with the same issue can help one feel that there are people who understand the same issue and thus develop positive relationships.[3]

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distrust of people

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