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Sunday February 28, 2021

Disclosure of YouTube numbers in the Kingdom for the year 2020

Disclosure of YouTube numbers in the Kingdom for the year 2020

Last year, the number of YouTube users exceeded 20 million users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia alone, and these visitors watched videos on the platform for an average of 55 minutes. This demand for online entertainment comes at a time when the Kingdom is going through a period of remarkable cultural transition.

It has also been a good year for local content creators and influencers, with seven out of 10 videos Saudi residents watched in the kingdom itself. The country with a thriving community of nearly six million gamers has naturally reported a surge in demand for gaming videos uploaded to YouTube.

Opening doors to international musicians, opening movie theaters and hosting electronic sporting events encouraged a large number of young people to raise expectations from online entertainment.

Disclosure of YouTube numbers in the Kingdom for the year 2020

Global giants including Amazon Prime have also started broadcasting movies in the Kingdom after their predecessors United Arab EmiratesAnd recently, Warner Music also decided to take advantage of the growing market for Arab and Gulf music, through a partnership with Rotana Music.

As e-learning gained traction in the region, education videos related to science and mathematics saw a 200% increase in viewership, and content that taught practical skills found more than 95% of respondents in the country.

The previous figures came in a report for the website (MashableBased on operating reports from the world’s first video site.

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