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There are many types of vegetables that are used in preparing the salad to form a delicious mixture rich in many nutrients important for the health of the body, so they are used in the diet; And it has the ability to give the body a feeling of fullness and satiety before eating the main dish, which reduces weight.

Yogurt and Cucumber Light Salad

the ingredients:

  • Two options.
  • A third of a cup of fat-free yogurt.
  • Two teaspoons of lemon juice.
  • A teaspoon of zest of lemon peel.
  • A tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Two tablespoons of chopped basil leaves.
  • Half a teaspoon of salt.
  • Pinch of black pepper.

How to prepare:

  • Put lemon peel, oil, and lemon juice.
  • Season the ingredients with black pepper, salt, and stir well.
  • Slice the cucumber lengthwise, and remove the seeds using a spoon.
  • We continue slicing the cucumber in the form of a semicircle.
  • Add the cucumber to the oil mixture, then add the basil.
  • Add milk just before serving.

Light cabbage salad

the ingredients:

  • Half a head of white cabbage, cut into thin strips.
  • Half a head of red cabbage, cut into thin strips.
  • Two carrots cut into thin slices.
  • A medium head of finely chopped onion.
  • a teaspoon of sugar.
  • A tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • A tablespoon of natural apple cider vinegar.
  • A quarter cup of low-fat liquid milk.
  • Two tablespoons of low-fat mayonnaise.
  • A tablespoon of white vinegar.

Preparation method:

  • Mix the milk, mayonnaise, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, salt, sugar and lemon juice.
  • Leave the mixture aside for a third of an hour to rest.
  • Mix the red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots, and onions, then pour the sauce, and mix the ingredients again until they are homogeneous.
  • Put the bowl of salad into the refrigerator and leave it for two hours.

Light smoked salmon and pasta salad

the ingredients:

  • Five hundred grams of macaroni shells.
  • Three hundred grams of smoked salmon.
  • Three options.
  • Two tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese.
  • The juice of half a lemon.
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Small spoon of salt.
  • Half a tablespoon of oregano.
  • Half a teaspoon of ground black pepper.
  • 1 tablespoon of rosemary, for garnish.

How to prepare:

  • Boil the pasta in salted water according to the directions on the package, then put it in a colander.
  • Cut the salmon into small squares.
  • We grate the cucumber in the form of long and wide slices.
  • Put salmon, pasta, and cucumber pieces, then add lemon juice, oil, and flavor the mixture with black pepper, salt, and oregano.
  • Mix all ingredients well until smooth, then pour the salad into a serving dish.
  • Sprinkle rosemary and Parmesan cheese on top of the salad.

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