blood type diet

The blood type diet is based on the theory of the interaction of the blood group with the food eaten, which leads to the enhancement of the digestion process in the body, thus increasing the rate of burning fat and losing weight. This theory was presented by a nutritionist, who was able to conclude this theory by conducting studies on a group of people who carry different blood groups, and gave each group a special diet based on the nutritional needs of each group.

Blood type diet tips

The nutritionist has developed a set of nutritional advice for people with the four blood groups as follows:

  • Blood type O and A: People with these two groups should avoid eating wheat, red beans, potatoes, dairy products, cashews, citrus fruits, and green melon.
  • People with blood type A: should avoid eating hot red peppers, tomatoes, and bananas.
  • Blood type O: Avoid eating oats and peanuts.
  • Blood type B and AB: They should avoid eating chicken meat except for turkey, chickpeas, avocado, black seed, corn, grains, aloe vera and sunflower oil.

Blood type diet method

blood type A

Owners of this species suffer from general weakness in their digestive and immune systems, as they have a tendency to accumulate mucus in the digestive canals, cholesterol, cancerous diseases, anemia, liver and gallbladder function disorders, and they also suffer from arthritis (rheumatism), and type 1 diabetes, The appropriate food for this category is as follows: The song rich in sugars and poor in fats, such as: vegetables, fish, grains, legumes and fruits, how much they should do appropriate exercise, which is light sports such as relaxation, walking and swimming.

blood type B

The owners of this species have a strong immune system that enables them to resist the nutritional and environmental changes around them, so they rarely catch infectious diseases, as their immune system has sufficient strength to eliminate all types of pathogenic viruses except for some rare species, and they are vulnerable to autoimmune diseases, Such as ticks (mucous skin tuberculosis), diabetes, and sclerosis of the bones, and the appropriate food for this species is as follows: they can eat meat, dairy products, fish, vegetables, fruits, and legumes, and they are also advised to practice balanced sports that combine lightness and violence, such as climbing Mountain biking, hiking, swimming.

blood type AB

Owners of this type combine the forces of blood types A and B, so they have a very sensitive digestive and immune system, and they are more susceptible to cancer, diseases caused by microbes, parasites, anemia, and cholesterol, and the appropriate food for this type is as follows: They can eat a moderate and diversified diet that contains fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, legumes, and grains. They are also suited for light moderate sports, such as: cycling, mountain climbing, and tennis.

blood type O

People with type O blood have two digestive systems, strong immunity, and are characterized by an active metabolism, and therefore they are prone to losing fat more than other blood types, but they are exposed to health problems, such as blood clotting problem, stomach ulcers, allergies, tonsillitis, joints, and the right food For this species, it is represented as follows: they can eat foods rich in protein such as red and white meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruits, and they must avoid sugars because they cause them to increase the percentage of fat in the body. You need a lot of effort, such as jogging, horseback riding, cycling, judo, and karate.

Diet method according to blood type

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