All women love to maintain the shape of their bodies neat and elegant, and if it requires them to make a great effort and try, and if they fail repeatedly, they must continue to try until they get the appropriate weight, and there are many and hundreds of diets that women use to reduce or maintain weight Such as the diet of dates and milk, and we will talk about this diet during our article.

Dates and milk diet

Note: By “milk” means either yoghurt or milk, and this diet is followed as follows: you need twenty-one dates, and three cups of milk per day taken in three stages:

  • Seven dates and a glass of milk for breakfast.
  • Seven dates and a glass of milk for lunch.
  • Seven dates and a glass of milk for dinner.

Or, after each prayer, five dates and a cup of milk may be eaten, and you can eat vegetables between each meal, but provided that it is only one type, and any extra quantity or other type as a piece of sweets will spoil the diet completely.

The result of the dates and milk diet

This diet loses five to seven kilograms of weight per week, and its results are guaranteed according to many women who have used it.

Benefits of dates and milk diet

It is the fastest way to lose weight if you have to lose weight as quickly as possible and the result is guaranteed, and you may be forced to lose weight quickly for a social event where you want to appear with a slim body or something else.

Disadvantages of dates and soft diet

The body may lose important components, benefits and elements that it needs daily; Continuing to eat the same food element daily is harmful and dangerous to health because the body needs to gain all the important elements and vitamins, and therefore you put your health at risk, so do not use it unless it is urgently needed and for a period of less than a month because the damage begins to appear on the body after 4 weeks.

If you use this diet and get the weight you want, stop this diet and use a diet and exercises to maintain the weight.

Diet dates and milk in a month

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