Dhofar City

Dhofar is a city and governorate located in the Sultanate of Oman in the southern part of the country, bordered to the east by the Al Wusta Governorate, to the southwest by the Yemeni border, to the south by the Arabian Sea, and to the north by the desert of the Empty Quarter, which constitutes a third of the area of ​​the Sultanate of Oman. 99,300 km2, with a population of approximately 249,729 people. It was previously known by several names: Saklin, Puntland, Ophir, Bilad Ash-Shihr, Afar, Raydan, and Ubar.

Historical significance

The city of Dhofar has been considered the land of frankincense and incense on the level of the Arabian Peninsula since ancient times, and it has historical importance in the history of the Sultanate of Oman, as it was famous in the past for exporting frankincense to most of the ancient world civilizations, such as the Assyrian, Pharaonic, Persian, Greek, and Roman civilizations, and it serves as a gateway The huge state on the Indian Ocean, in addition to being the link between the state and the eastern coast of the continent of Africa, and a crossing for convoys on the southern side of the Arabian Peninsula, as mentioned in many historical novels.

There are also many important historical and archaeological discoveries and monuments, such as the city of Al Baleed, Samharam and the historical city of Al-Ahqaf, most of which date back to the third millennium BC. It also represents a large part of the country of Al-Ahqaf that was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in the story of the people of Aad and Hood. As mentioned in the Pharaonic inscriptions, it is historically the main source of frankincense trees.

the climate

It enjoys a moderate climate most days of the year, but it is affected by westerly monsoon winds that come from the Indian Ocean, and the mountains receive seasonal rain and fog throughout the autumn period, which extends from June to September of each year, and temperatures reach their lowest levels around 15 degrees in Winter.

Administrative divisions

Dhofar consists of 10 states:

  • Salalah State.
  • Mirbat Province.
  • The fruit of Mirbat.
  • Rakhyut State.
  • energy.
  • mashed
  • Schlemm.
  • Al Mazyona.
  • Al Hallaniyat Islands.
  • block.
  • I laugh.


It is considered one of the most famous tourist areas in the Arab Gulf countries, where Gulf visitors come during the month of July when the heat is intense in their country, while the weather in Dhofar is enveloped by white fog, and it is covered with greenery, and therefore the Salalah Tourism Festival is held during that period and remains for 3 months, in addition to To the presence of water springs, valleys, gardens, religious shrines, natural parks, and historical archaeological sites. The most famous springs and valleys in them are: Ain Hamran, Ain Jerzeez, Wadi Darbat, Ain Razat, and Ain Sahlanout.

Dhofar City

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