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Saturday October 17, 2020

Delete the merry Christmas Facebook virus and get rid of annoying notifications

A little while ago a virus invaded merry Christmas, Facebook users who come to you via Facebook notifications and expose you to the dangers of publishing pornographic publications and deducting credit from your phone by buying some products if you have credit, so beware of falling into the clutches of that virus.

Where he deceives you by alerting you that a friend has referred to you in one of his posts, then comment and as soon as you click on the notification until the unfortunate occurrence of an extended spread in your account and friends’ accounts and sending countless notifications to them, what makes the matter worse is the difficulty Delete it as it hides itself from you.

You can watch the explanation through the following video:

How to delete the Merry Christmas Facebook virus from the Google Chrome browser for Windows and the phone as well:

How to delete the Facebook merry Christmas virus and get rid of annoying notifications

Log in to the following path on your device:

C: Users username AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions

And start searching for ndnmjckfjclclmjiekoibnmoglogldeh and then delete the file or delete all files in case you cannot find it

But you must show the hidden files first before entering that path via the file option in Windows, then search for the name of the virus and delete it, or search for a strange addition for you in chrome: // extensions and then delete it permanently.

How to delete for the phone:

Delete Facebook permanently, then delete Google Chrome as well, and download Clean Master to clean your phone.

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User link to review account activity, replace username with your account name, or click on View Activity Log on your Facebook cover account.


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