It is a term given to any technology, medium, organization, non-profit or commercial institution, private or public, official or unofficial, whose mission is usually to transmit and disseminate news and information, but some of them are currently dealing with various and multiple topics. , including: the topics of entertainment and entertainment, which spread specifically after the invention of television, and the term media is also applied to the technological entities that undertake the task of media, in addition to the organizations that manage them.

  • Newspapers and newspapers: The local newspapers are considered one of the oldest of these media, and each of them is specialized in a particular region. It is also interested in publishing both regional and local news. To other angles, such as: advertisements, whether governmental or commercial, and these newspapers are issued periodically, either monthly, weekly, or daily.
  • Magazines: It is a publication that is issued periodically, whether it is monthly or weekly, and magazines differ from newspapers in their external appearance, and also differ in the quality of materials and topics that their cover consists of, and they display many topics, including: technical, news or private topics In fashion.

These media are characterized by being audible, electronic or visual, and they are:

  • Television: Television is one of the most popular and most widespread media in the world, and the most prominent feature of it is that it has a great ability to influence the masses. political, or recreational.
  • Radio: It is one of the oldest audio-only media. In disseminating the media, it depends mainly on the audio communication that exists between the audience and it, through the audience and listeners hearing the announcer’s voice. It usually provides a lot of media content, including: sports programs and the Noble Qur’an. , and variety, and news stations.
  • The Internet: It is one of the media that has recently spread on a large scale in the world, and it is a comprehensive electronic means for various fields and topics, as it contains media materials of all kinds, whether visual, audio or electronic, and it is used by the user or the browser by browsing many Information and news on the websites.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of information and news around the world.
  • It is one of the important tools used for political marketing.
  • It is an important medium for commercial advertisements.
  • Help spread culture and knowledge in the community.
  • It is a popular entertainment for many people, young and old.

Introduction to the media

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