Equal opportunities, in a simple sense, mean equality between all members of society in different fields, and among these fields are the field of education, work and other different areas of life. Equal opportunities in society is one of the means that help achieve social justice and reduce the gap between all spectrums of society. Many international organizations and human rights organizations have sought to register equal opportunities as one of the basic human rights.

The existence of equal opportunities among the members of the same society helps to develop the society and strengthen the relations between its members, and reduces conflicts and disagreements that result from the feeling of losing the legitimate rights of individuals and the absence of justice and equality among them. Working to provide equal opportunities among individuals helps creativity and highlights talents that will push society forward and work on its progress and development, for example when providing a job opportunity for a group of people under equal working conditions and without distinguishing between one person and another. And without differentiating between them, this would motivate them to work hard and think with a broader scope in order to distinguish themselves from others and thus increase the productivity of work and thus increase the progress of society. This stems from a person’s sense of justice and that his work will be valued far from favoritism and away from favoritism. The same applies to education. When equal educational opportunities are available, this motivates the student to excel and be creative in his studies, because it will ensure the presence of university study seats for him that he gets with his effort as for other students, because he will feel that no one will take his study seat and therefore his right to a fair education Based on favoritism and based on discrimination between individuals.

The term equal opportunity is a big term that includes many different areas of life. It is more comprehensive, broader and larger. It includes the political, economic and social aspects in all its branches, and it must be stemming from the will of the peoples who seek to achieve social justice and who desire To develop herself, her community and her country.

Defining equal opportunity

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