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Monday May 11, 2020

Day Wedding Decorations – Al-Mersal

The wedding day has always become a beautiful and beautiful dream in the minds of all girls who are getting crowned on the night of life. Likewise, the decorations of this ceremony occupied the hearts of everyone, especially as they choose the open sites as one of the beaches, gardens, or courtyards of some establishments such as the villa or the palace.

Day wedding decorations

Day wedding decorations vary depending on the environment or the location in which the ceremony is designed. And the details of the decor at the time vary between the extreme simplicity in some of them, and adding the most luxurious aspects of the party.

Covered wedding day decorations

The design of the decoration for the wedding day is characterized by that it is covered, as if everything necessary to be present at the ceremony had come inside a tent We see the party organizer’s dependence on the snowy grades in the color of the tent, the choice of seats, tables, lighting poles, and of course flowers.

The golden illumination is complemented by the floral colors found in the bouquets above each table. This is in addition to the presence of small windows connected to the tent, and are found around the tent.

Covered weddings always fit in cold, or very hot air, and are specially designed to allow a certain amount of lighting to penetrate, for the external environment to take pictures, for example, or to take some truce.

In this decoration, the organizer adopted warm colors, and it seems that the hall is part of a large modern, and that is why the bouquets of flowers that top the tables seem more wild, as if the touch that escaped from the outside of the hall into it to share with the guests the joy of the bride’s wedding.

Table placements approach the tall hall windows, which reveal their exterior beauty, and the golden lighting system differs here; it comes through those tiny, flashing dangers of some tent-related Najaf.

Day wedding decorations in the garden

These decorations are more suitable for spring seasons and the beginnings of the summer season, as flowers and plants bloom, they smell fragrant in the gardens, and it is also easy to trim trees in certain shapes, so that the entire garden is part of the wedding decor.

Can something look this beautiful ?! The garden overlooks the sea, the seats are lined up adjacent to it, and the visible side of the first seat rises to a small bouquet of flowers, while on the sides of the entrance there are two bouquets of flowers that carry white and pink colors.

The corridor in front of the newlyweds is furnished with a mixture of flowers themselves, where the platform is located on top of a table, and a ring of tree branches to which the flowers adhere, also hanging from them.

This decoration is based on natural daylight, and it may depend on some simple lighting outlets if night falls at the wedding.

In this simple arrangement of a wedding ceremony in a garden, the garden is replaced with trees, as a large part of the wedding arrangement. The organizer apparently relied on the tent that surrounds each table, which is easy to erect. A spot has also been designated next to a tree, which faces the circle of tents, to be the table where the bride will apparently cut the wedding cake.

Day wedding decorations in one of the villas

Some families of ancient origins depend on their wedding ceremony in the yard of the house, or in its garden, especially if the place has room for such parties. Decors for the purpose of the wedding will be easier then, as ideas are derived from the nature of the place, and the details prepared to receive the wedding.

In this model of wedding day wedding decorations, which depended on the entrance corridor to the villa or sternum, and the pergola found for rest, surrounding pergolas with bouquets of flowers that compliment the shades of orange with white, in addition to that it may trim the climbing plants slightly from the top of the pergola.

The seats were scattered on both sides of the corridor, as well as bouquets of flowers, as well as some simple trims surrounding the signature brochure of the happy wishes of the newlyweds.

The table that includes all the invited guests, with which flower bouquets are lined with this length, and candles and dishes are scattered in front of one of the villa’s entrances and one of its corridors, and in a calm atmosphere where the trees surround everyone.

This simple décor relies on golden flashes of light, which are randomly hung above the guest table, adding a subtle beauty to a daytime wedding.

Day wedding decorations in front of the pool

These trims are suitable for summer weddings and depend on a natural relaxation source, which is staying next to the pool. The design depends on some simple decors attached to the swimming pool.

The wedding décor featured here, surrounded by the elegant style invitees to the pool in one of the resorts or seemingly tourist villages. And there is a platform “Alqosheh” at the end of the assembly point for the ring lining up tables, we also hint at some trees, and palm trees in the background, which is funny, as the tables are surmounted by bouquets of white flowers.

The picture shows how the flower bouquets were scattered on the surface of the swimming pool water in an exquisite shape, and how the bride’s bow was prepared with the same bouquets, and the flowers that lay in it as well.

Pictured is a breathtaking view of the sea, the sky, and clouds, which means that this wedding is set to a high standard.

We also note the table to the left of the arch, which is devoted to the book of invitations and wishes for the newlyweds, as well as two statues of a lion in golden color, which give the wedding a prestige and distinctiveness.

Day beach wedding decorations

It’s the perfect matchless photo for legendary weddings! The decorations surrounding the guests and the newlyweds have always varied in a wedding on one of the islands, or the beaches.

On the shore of one of the mowers, bamboo chairs, or bamboo, lined up in two rows in the shape of a horseshoe, to meet the sea, as well as a seating platform, and a marriage contract for the newlyweds, which adopted the line-up of some baptists, surrounded by transparent white fabric, and some of the flower bouquets, which also stuck to other examples of this. The cloth and wrapped the invitees’ seats.

In the landscape of the scene there is the garden, and the palm tree lined in a wonderful, picturesque scene, for a simple wedding ceremony, which may be limited to invitees from relatives, or friends only.

For the newlyweds, the white-coated seats are lined on both sides of the rendering site, centered by a table covered in white, and as a distinctive touch, white is surrounded by multiple bands of navy, blue, and cyan hues.

This is in addition to some frames that contain pictures of the bride, which are located above and below the table, and there are flowers that combine the colors of the sea also with two packages above the monument designed for the presence of the newlyweds.

Yacht or steamship wedding ceremony decorations

This ceremony reflects the joy and excitement of everyone in it, as well as it gives pleasure, and serves as an unforgettable memory as one of the most prominent forms of wedding that enjoy sophistication and luxury.

The decoration design of a wedding ceremony held in one of the tourist ships depended on the presence of tables near the windows directly overlooking flat water such as the river, for example, and in the presence of simple flower bouquets in the middle of the table that distinguished the colors of the fabric and the coated tapes of their belonging to the earthy group.

This attractive design for a sturdy wedding party on one of the ships was based on the spread of decoration in the two floors, as well as the dependence on quiet lighting that elegantly reflected on two golden columns in the face of the two stairs to the upper floor.

The minimalist decoration of the tables and benches in the basement represents the wedding celebration hall, leaving simple natural lighting outlets through curtains that drop into the windows around the ballroom.[1]

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