Databases are a set of records and fields in which logical data are recorded that are linked to each other by a mathematical relationship. Each database consists of one or more tables in which these records and fields are organized; Examples include: the personnel record that includes the employee’s number, name, grade, and date of appointment, and is stored on the computer in an organized and tidy manner; The database engine software facilitates the process of dealing with data.

to retrieve data stored on the database; This depends on a number of computer commands, the most important of which is the query language; Which is information that stimulates the correct decision-making process; This is done by the database management system.

The purpose of the database

The main objective of the database is to highlight the way data is organized without special applications; This is done by designing the data provided that it is characterized by non-repetition, and the possibility of its recovery, modification, and the introduction of any additions to it without any problems. Several methods are used to reach three levels of abstraction or normalization models, which are intended to approximate the data in terms of its composition to the taxonomic nature.

Databases have taken an important place in the flowchart of the operations of establishments and institutions instead of the file system, due to the ease of storage and their availability of space; Where it does not need a large storage space, in addition to its ease of use, and data retrieval through the language (SQL).

Database Elements


Data is usually stored in personal computers of various sizes; It is based on the efficiency and capacity of the system, and the capabilities of the computer’s automated entity. The difference in databases between personal and large computers is that personal computers allow one user to use the database, while large computers provide the opportunity for more than one user to provide the database for them. And in order for the database to be efficient, it must be characterized by integration and non-repetition.


By their nature, databases depend on a number of equipment; The most important of them are: magnetic disks, in addition to units of dense tapes; In order to store data for reference in the time of need.


Programs play an intermediary role between data stored in files and database users. The most popular programs are: Database Manager (DBMS); It is a very complex program that requires the presence of a database specialist, with a high capacity and great knowledge to deal with it.


  • Program planners: Their role is to write programs, and they have the ability to use databases.
  • Database specialists: It is their responsibility to maintain and operate databases.
  • Users of databases: They are all dealing with databases using terminals.

Database Elements

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