mug printing

There are several ways to print on mugs, and one of the oldest printing methods is silk printing; It is so called because it uses silk cloth in printing, but with the development of technology there has become a sophisticated and fast printing machine such as a heat press to print on cups, as it relies on heat press, and despite the development of printing and the presence of huge printing machines in factories, silk printing is indispensable, As it is still used by many merchants, and most factories have a special department that works in the silk industry, although this method is limited in colors, but it can print anything with the same machine, such as printing on cups, shields, pens, clothes, etc., and uses simple tools and equipment. Relatively low cost.

Heat press for mug printing

It is a sophisticated machine used to print on cups if we want to print pictures of children or a company logo, for example, as an advertisement for it or for other purposes. It transfers the image that is printed by the computer, from thermal papers to cups made of porcelain or ceramic. Use, that is, they are only for the purpose of printing on cups, and there are other multi-use heat presses, containing several pieces, some of which are used for printing on cups and others for printing on fabric and others.

Piston Features

The heat press is characterized by its small size and ease of transportation, and its ability to work for long hours in printing on a large number of cups, and the colors printed on the cups are of a high quality. It is mentioned that the press does not need inks or colors, as the colors are present on the printed image, ready and sufficient to be transferred onto the cups.

piston combination

  • The press contains an electronic screen to monitor the time and temperature and adjust them according to the cup being printed on.
  • The piston is safe, as thermal heaters are present and covered inside the piston, and it is designed in a way in which the heat is distributed evenly, and the insulating layer in the piston withstands a temperature of up to 350 degrees Celsius.

How the piston works

  • Determine the image to be printed on the cup, and print it using a computer printer on special paper sold in libraries.
  • The printed paper is cut to remove the excess edges, then the paper is glued to the cup and its edges are fixed with an adhesive.
  • We put the cup inside the piston and press it well, we determine the temperature and time required for printing (the printing period does not take two minutes), then we press the start button.
  • After the printing is finished, the press beeps in the form of a beep announcing that the printing has ended.

How to print on mugs

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