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Thursday March 26, 2020

Crow, beautiful, Hamza and Nour represent the union in “challenging myths”

Carly tightens supervision of his daily training

Al-Ittihad Club announced its participation in the “Challenge of Legends”, through various social media sites, at the invitation of the challenge from the Italian Club of Rome in light of the stoppage of sports activity in the world due to the new Corona virus (Covid 19).

The official account of the federation, via “Twitter”, stated its acceptance of the challenge and added: “Our legends are Saeed Ghurab, Ahmed Jameel, Hamza Idris and Mohamed Nour,” inviting the challenge to the English clubs Liverpool, Manchester United, Al Hilal and Barcelona, ​​Spain.

On the other hand, a number of the players of the federation were keen on documenting their daily training with video clips, some of which were excerpted via their social media accounts, in a sign of the players ’commitment to the technical staff’s instructions to perform a two-hour daily training session in their homes to maintain the fit side for them and their physical and technical readiness during The period of suspension of sports activities and competitions as part of a series of precautionary and preventive measures taken by the Kingdom to confront the new Corona virus (Covid 19).

The federation administration was keen to develop a comprehensive strategy with the technical staff for the next stage during the suspension period, which is to commit the players to a fitness and technical program to perform in their homes and to impose internal penalties on those who are not committed in the event of their fitness rates coming down with the return of sports activities and competitions that were suspended in order to preserve the safety of all employees of the sports sector and citizens And residents of the country and contribute to the efforts of the rest of the various ministries and sectors that work to protect the human being, whether a citizen or a resident of the epidemic that penetrated more than 150 countries around the world.

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The Brazilian Federation coach, Fabio Carelli, instructed the administrative apparatus to monitor the players and coordinate an almost daily meeting with everyone via remote communication to discuss the daily exercises in the presence of a fitness coach, warning players against negligence in commitment to the program that was put in place for them.

While the Federation administration, in coordination with the technical staff, put a number of programs and events for players to perform during their stay in their homes, including electronic and other educational competitions in arbitration and legal aspects.

The Federation administration worked to monitor a month’s salary for players in preparation for handing them to them during the next week, while working to close a number of financial claims, while the administration continued to communicate with a number of honoraries to seek their opinions and benefit from their broad experience.


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