Create a YouTube channel

You can create a YouTube channel if you have a Google account, by following the following:[1]

  • Go to YouTube (and click on sign in) at the top right of the screen.
  • Use your Google account information to register on YouTube.
  • Doing some commands that require owning a YouTube channel, such as posting a video, uploading a video, or commenting on an existing video.
  • The possibility of creating a channel on YouTube if you do not already have a channel, and fill in the required information.
  • Click on Confirm to complete the registration process.

Create a YouTube business

A Google account can be used to create a business channel run by one or more people on YouTube, by doing the following:[2]

  • Recording on YouTube, whether on the computer or using the phone.
  • Go to your channel list through the following link:
  • Select “use an existing Brand Account”.
  • Fill in the required data, to name the channel and verify the account, then click on “Done”.

A channel manager can be added by clicking on “Change channel owners & managers” via the following link:

Download YouTube videos from your phone

You can download a video on YouTube from the phone by following the following:[3]

  • Open the video, by using the video player, to download a clip on the phone, or download a recorded video directly.
  • Choose the Share button, which leads to the emergence of a variety of options, then click on the YouTube icon.
  • Log in to YouTube, entering your account name and password if necessary.
  • Specify a title for the video, if it was filmed using the phone’s camera, then enter a descriptive and attractive title.
  • Specify your privacy settings, including the following:
  • Click on “Upload” or “Publish” after setting the privacy settings and write a description.
  • It is available to everyone (uploaded publicly), in which case anyone can view the video.
  • privately, where specific users are allowed to watch the video.
  • Unlisted, the video can be viewed in this case for those who have direct links on the video.

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Create a YouTube channel

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