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Yahoo is one of the first global search engines that provided many free services, the most important of which are: the e-mail creation service, where all Internet users need at least one e-mail so that they can exchange files, send and receive written messages from all over the world, as well as The email is used to register on various websites; Like social networking sites.

Yahoo email is characterized by its simple design, which is easy to use, and the site also provides Yahoo Messenger service for users who have an email on it, which allows them to conduct chats and written conversations with friends.

work yahoo messenger

  • Enter the Yahoo website and choose the Arabic language, or enter directly to Maktoob through the following link:
  • We click on the login box, and click on the Create a new Yahoo email button.
  • We notice that a form consisting of several boxes appears to fill in the data, and we enter the required data correctly.
  • We enter the first name and type the last name, then choose the user name, and enter it; It is the name that will appear on the e-mail of others, and the name must be written in English, and must contain a minimum of eight characters, and must contain numbers and symbols.
  • We choose a strong password, and enter it in the special field, and the word must consist of thirty-eight to thirty-two letters, and include uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers; This is in order to increase its strength until it is difficult to penetrate, and then we enter it again to verify that they match. * We specify the country of residence in the countries field, by choosing the country from the list of countries.
  • Enter the postal code for the country of residence we chose in the previous step.
  • We move to the next step, which is an optional step that we can bypass, as it requires us to enter the user’s mobile number, and it is an important step to facilitate the process of recovering the password if we forget it, and it also helps us retrieve the email in the event of a breach.
  • We continue entering personal information, starting with the date of birth, then the user’s gender.
  • We click on the Create account button, and the system may ask to modify some data, or fill in the missing data.
  • We receive an SMS on the phone number we entered, and we need this step to verify the number.
  • We download the Yahoo Messenger program on the computer from the site, and we can also download its application on phones and tablets.
  • We enter the program and log in using the email we created, and enter the password we chose. Then we use Messenger to conduct conversations, or to send voice messages and pictures.

yahoo messenger email work

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