Create a blog

An individual can create a blog in Google (Google) easily by following these steps:[1]

  • Go to the following address (, then log in with his Google account, and if he does not have any account, he can create a new account by clicking on the “Sign Up” option, then follow all the instructions required to create the account, then After that go back to (
  • Enter the username in the field provided, then click on the Continue to Blogger option.
  • Click on the New Blog option from the main settings panel, then specify an unused URL, and then start creating the blog template using its fields.
  • Click on the Create Blog option to complete the setup process, as Blogger will redirect it to the main settings panel.
  • Clicking the pencil icon to create a new blog, clicking the dropdown arrow to customize the blog, or clicking View Blog to go to the home page.

Blog customization

An individual can customize his or her blog, and decide who can read it by doing the following steps:[2]

  • Log in to the blog (Blogger).
  • Click on the down arrow in the upper right part of the page.
  • Select the blog option to update.
  • Select the Settings option from the left menu, then click on the Basic option.
  • Click on the Blog Readers option at the bottom of the Permissions option, then click on the Edit option.
  • Determine who is allowed to read the blog by clicking on the public or private option, and then clicking on the Save changes option.

Profit from blog

An individual can achieve material gains from his blog by using an (AdSense) account to automatically place ads on his blog, as the amount that an individual earns depends on his topics and the popularity of his blog, and an individual can sign up for an (AdSense) account by clicking on the subscription link that Google Within a blog, an individual can prevent ads from appearing within their blog by selecting the Avoid (AdSense) option.[3]

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Create a blog

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