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Sunday January 17, 2021

Cradlewise smart bed supports soothing newborns to go back to sleep

Cradlewise unveiled its new technology in a smart newborn bed that aims to calm babies back to sleep by deeply learning the habits and patterns of children’s behavior when sleeping.

Many companies are moving to develop new products that support artificial intelligence technology, and Cradlewise has introduced technology to support parents in caring for newborns.

The smart newborn cradle design is based on a motor to support children sleeping for as long as possible, and the bed features a design that combines white and light wooden design, and comes with a bracket at the top that includes a screen and a camera to monitor the baby.

The smart bed design also supports lowering the height to match the child’s age, and the Cradlewise crib also supports tracking the child’s behavior patterns in sleep, and the change in the child’s senses when starting to wake up to provide the optimum support for calming the child to sleep again.

The smart bed also sets custom tones to calm the child, and the screen works to support parents in better monitoring the child, and sending notifications and alerts, and the bed sensor also supports the quick response of the hand to close the alerts.


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