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Friday January 22, 2021

Court ruling allows Amazon to block the “Parler” app

Federal judge in Seattle, Barbara Rothstein, issued a ruling that Amazon can block the cloud services account for the “Parler” social network.
And Amazon’s cloud computing division suspended the Parler app from its servers on January 11, due to what the Seattle-based tech giant described as an increase in violent content on that app, which has an mainly right-wing user base.

Parler immediately sued Amazon for re-entry into “Amazon Network Services,” the arm of the company that provides the digital infrastructure that powers much of its online activity.

On Thursday, District Court Judge Rothstein sided with Amazon, saying in part of her ruling that “forcing the Seattle-based company to restart the Parler app over the Internet is contrary to the public interest, given the kind of offensive and violent content we are dealing with in this case, especially in light of the riots.” The last in the US Capitol. “

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