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Thursday July 16, 2020

Countries allowed to travel from Saudi Arabia

On December 31, 2019, the WHO Regional Office in China was informed of cases of pneumonia causing an unknown disease that was discovered in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The new Corona virus was declared as the virus that causes these cases by the Chinese authorities on 7 January 2020.

On March 11, global health described Corona as the global pandemic, “pandemic.”

Since the announcement of the virus, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made great efforts to counter it, the government has taken proactive decisions and imposed strict preventive and precautionary measures, including for example curfews, stopping Umrah inside the Kingdom, suspending public education and sports activities, closing markets, shops, stadiums and places of entertainment, stopping Friday prayers In mosques, suspending entry to the Kingdom with tourist visas, stopping international flights on 15 March and domestic ones on 21 March except for flights related to humanitarian and necessary cases, medical evacuation aircraft and private flights, project returns for citizens who wish to return from abroad and trips related to the Resident Return Initiative.

On May 31, 2020, Saudi Arabia resumed domestic flights only, based on the approval of the relevant health authorities in the country.

But until now, the borders of Saudi Arabia are still closed and international flights have not started yet.

Recently, the Ministry of Health called on citizens and residents not to travel abroad at the present time due to the unstable epidemic situation of the Coronavirus.

The ministry said in a statement (Saturday, July 11) that its call comes for the instability of the epidemiological situation of the Corona virus, and the continued spread and transmission of the virus infection despite the strict precautionary measures and guidelines followed from various countries of the world.

Therefore, international flights are currently still pending until further notice, in addition to that the countries of the world have each set travel and entry restrictions to counter the virus in the best way.

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