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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Correspondence to the world reveals the details of the exchange of bombing between the resistance and the occupation

the world Reporters

Our colleague Israa Al-Buhaisi explained that the bombing was concentrated in more than one place in the Gaza Strip, such as east of Al-Tuffah neighborhood, Al-Tal site east of Deir Al-Balah, Ashkelon site in the northern Gaza Strip, and Al-Jabari site east of Jabalia, where these sites were targeted more than once with more than one missile.

The world correspondent stressed that the resistance wants to prove the rule of response and bombing in exchange for the bombing, as stated in a statement by the Al-Quds Brigades, which claimed responsibility for the response through rocket-propelled grenades that reached 13 rockets from Gaza towards settlements such as Kissufim and Nairam, which were the target of the Palestinian resistance.

The world correspondent confirmed the end of the Israeli bombing, after the occupation army issued a statement.

Our correspondent indicated that what distinguishes this round of escalation in the Gaza Strip is the range and quality of the rockets, which have caused casualties among the settlers, adding that this round may escalate in the coming days with the return of Netanyahu from Washington, where he may take a new decision to launch an aggression against the Gaza Strip.

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