Allocate a specific place and time to study

Every person needs a suitable place and time for him to study, whether the place is in the bedroom or anywhere in the house, but the place must meet some basic conditions, such as that the place be quiet, comfortable and free from distractions, and some stimulating touches can be added such as placing pictures Or burning incense, as for the time, preferably not late at night.[1]

Study on a daily basis

Daily revision of the lessons helps in understanding and remembering the material, and avoiding stress at the time of the exam, and one to two hours a day can be allocated for this, and if there is not enough time, it is recommended to give the initial review by reducing the time allocated to playing or sitting on the Internet.[1]


One of the best plans that can be followed for studying is to set up a program to take advantage of the time, and this can be done by setting alarm clocks to remind you of the study time, and writing a program and placing it on the wall in the room on which the dates of exams and important dates at school are listed.[1]

Attention in class

Correct study starts from concentrating in the class and recording the important notes that the teacher says, and you must make sure to sit in an appropriate seat in the class away from the annoying people who make it difficult to focus in the class.[2]

Division of study materials

When the study material is large, it is a good idea to divide it into parts; For example, if the exam consists of twenty words that can be divided into five words for each day, and continuous repetition and repetition, and dividing the same word into several sections will help the child to remember.[2]

regularity and planning

Adhering to the development of an ongoing program for solving homework, exams and solving them as soon as possible so that the student does not forget them.[3]

ask questions

The student must be taught and motivated to ask questions if he does not understand the lesson, and if he does not feel comfortable asking questions in front of other students he can wait until the end of the lesson and talk to his teacher and ask him to clarify the points he did not understand.[3]

Sleeping well

The brain needs to rest and sleep for enough time to absorb all the information that the child is studying for his exam; Therefore, sleep is essential for proper study.[2]

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Correct ways to study for children

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