Giving enough time to study

A recent survey showed that students do not study long enough, as studying is a full-time job, meaning that about 40 hours must be spent on studying per week, so if a student spends 15 hours in class, he must spend another 25 hours studying in home or library, with these hours divided by week, which means that the student has to study for 5 hours a day,[1] It should be noted that you should not study for more than one hour without taking a break, in order to use the time in studying more efficiently, and specialists are advised to take a 10-minute break every hour.[2]

Create an effective study environment

There are many factors that affect the place of study, and make it a suitable environment and even conducive to the correct study, including the location. It is necessary to choose a location that helps focus, such as the library, the bedroom, or the study rooms, in addition to the general atmosphere, it must be calm, and away from noise. It is also possible to study within a group, as this method may be an effective way to study, as the knowledge of the group far exceeds the knowledge of the individual, and this type of study creates an atmosphere of challenge among students, bearing in mind that the group does not exceed four people.[3]

Use the best study methods

There are many ways of studying that students follow, and researchers have found that some of these methods are bad, and they are a waste of time, and one of the best ways to study is to take an overview of the titles that will be studied, to get a complete idea of ​​the content, and then start studying by reading The information and its perception, that is, creating a tangible image in the mind that refers to this information, or reading it out loud in order to hear it, and thus the senses are used in the study, which enhances its level, and logical links can be made between different information, especially in memorizing dates, with the importance of Recall and review what was studied to ensure that you can remember it.[2]

the reviewer

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Correct study steps

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