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Corona virus first infection in the country of one hundred million people

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On Friday, the Egyptian authorities confirmed that a person had been infected with the new Corona virus, as the Ministry of Health indicated in a statement that the injured person was a “foreigner” without specifying his nationality, and said that “all preventive measures and measures have been taken for the case.”

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced the discovery of the first confirmed infection With the new Corona virus In the country, it is the first to be registered in Africa.

The statement issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population included that the victim was a “foreigner”, but he did not specify his nationality, adding that he did not show any symptoms.

Ministry spokesman Khaled Mujahid explained that “all preventive measures and measures were taken in cooperation with the World Health Organization, as the case (…) was transferred to the hospital for isolation and healthy follow-up.”

He pointed out that the injured person’s condition is “completely stable”. He stressed that the ministry “has taken strict precautionary measures against those in contact with the case through conducting the necessary analyzes that were negative for the virus, and they were self-isolated in their places of residence as a precautionary measure for 14 days.”

The number of deaths from the virus reached about 1,400, the vast majority of them in China where the disease was first discovered.

The extensive trade relations with China and the health-care systems that bear the overloaded capacity have raised concerns about the ability of African countries to respond in the event of a pandemic in the continent.

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Egypt earlier this month suspended all flights on its national carrier to China. It will remain suspended until the end of the month. 301 Egyptians were evacuated from Wuhan, the city where the virus appeared in China, and were quarantined for 14 days.


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