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Wednesday July 8, 2020

Corona examination centers in the

Saudi Arabia is still facing a pandemic corona, which has spread in the world earlier this year, with all the steadfastness and determination and the determination to eliminate them, God willing. And calls for the Kingdom to Prevention of Corona Through compliance with the guidelines and general rules established by, on top of social spacing and put masks and washing hands down …

The clinics “Ttmn” to receive all those who feel symptoms such as Corona fever accompanied by shortness of breath or coughing Saudis and residents and even violators of residency system.

These clinics operate around the clock and can find alternate clinics operate from 8 am to 12 morning.

The patients are received directly without any prior reservation.

You can see a list of clinics “Ttmn” in health centers and hospitals in both cities and the following areas:

Riyadh, click Here

Mecca, click Here

Medina, click Here

Jeddah, click Here

Eastern Province, click Here

Qassim, click Here

Tabuk, click Here

-Baha, click Here

Jouf, click Here

Northern border, click Here

Jazan, click Here

Hail, click Here

Asir, click Here

Najran, click Here

-Ahsa, click Here

Taif, click Here

Gurayaat, click Here

Drilling subcontractor, click Here

Bisha, click Here

Qunfudah, click Here

And you can download “an appointment” , An electronic service provided by the Saudi Ministry of Health; To enable the beneficiary to book appointments in primary health care centers and the management of these appointments modified or canceled, as well as other management appointments at any hospital be referred to him.

On the other hand, it is still the subject of opening of the border in Saudi Arabia, nonexistent until the time as the Kingdom did not open its doors to international tourists yet, but domestic tourism rebounded significantly after the resumption of internal flights on Sunday, May 31 since 2020.

The Saudis are racing to visit tourist and archaeological destinations in different regions, and are looking continuously for the best hotels online.

The Ministry of Tourism and the Saudi Commission for Tourism has announced the launch of Saudi summer (breathing) To discover the various tourist destinations in the country and the content of the historical, natural and cultural treasures, in the period from June 25 to September 30, 2020.

The project focuses on points of tourist attraction variety in Saudi Arabia in line with the nature of the place and the cult in ten tourist destinations are: Riyadh and the Eastern Province, Tabuk, Baha, Asir, Jeddah, Taif, stems, Trowel, and the city of King Abdullah Economic.

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