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Sunday February 28, 2021

Corona death rate is high among Arab Americans

The world – the Americas

USA Today said on Saturday that 3.7 million Arab Americans in the country are unable to identify them in the census and other government agencies.

As a result, official healthcare data is difficult to obtain, as experts and community leaders have to rely on mixed, often self-compiled data.

The problem has been exacerbated by the Coronavirus, which has raised concerns in a society already facing many risk factors for the virus, including large numbers of migrants and refugees, multi-generational families, and high rates of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

More than 500,000 Americans have died from Corona and federal data shows that compared to non-Hispanic whites, blacks are nearly twice as likely to die from the virus, while death rates among Hispanic and Native Americans are close to two and a half times by comparison. Official data on Arab Americans grouped into the white category.

In New York City, where immigrant and refugee families often double to bear the city’s exorbitant housing costs, a survey conducted by the City’s Arab American Family Support Center found that overcrowding had worsened with job losses due to the pandemic, allowing the virus to spread further.

According to the report, Southern California is home to up to 300,000 Arab Americans, the largest concentration in the country, but residents are higher in percentage terms in Michigan, primarily in Detroit and adjacent areas such as Dearborn, where they make up half of the city’s population. About 100 thousand people.

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For new arrivals, life in the United States during its early years often suffers from poverty and low levels of education and jobs as taxi drivers or as workers in restaurants, markets, or cleaning services that have exposed them to disparities in health care. Precautionary.

At the same time, many Arab Americans have avoided being tested for the virus, either unaware of the services available, or so anxious about supporting their families that they don’t want to face a positive test result.

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