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Sunday April 5, 2020

Corona burned the towers of the fifth generation networks in Britain

At least three towers for the fifth generation networks were burned in Britain due to theories and rumors linking the spread of Corona to the fifth generation towers

In light of the great crisis that the entire world is going through with the expansion of Corona virus and the death of thousands in thousands every day, the false information and rumors about the disease and its causes increase through conspiracy theories, which of course is received by those who promote it with intent or not through digital social media; which has become almost the only means that connects Leading the world together with curfews imposed on a wide area of ​​the planet.

In the latest dependencies of these rumors, five-generation network towers in the United Kingdom were set on fire allegedly because of the spread of the virus in the country to the fifth-generation networks and towers!

Where the BBC report indicated that at least three towers for the fifth generation networks were set alight last week, while police and firefighting units rushed to control the fire.

Many rumors and the content of conspiracy theories formulated the correlation of the emergence of the emerging virus Corona with the regions where the fifth generation networks were launched, as these rumors began to spread on social media quickly through groups on the Facebook platform and Nextdoor, with people calling for the burning of the constellations.

As thousands of users have shared and redeployed this information and confirmed that the fifth generation networks are harmful and affect human health and other such rumors that have not been proven true that there is no scientific evidence indicating corona’s epidemic link to the fifth generation networks or the effect of these horoscopes any negative effects on health .

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While the conspiracy theory went beyond burning towers to harassing workers in the 5G network extensions, as shown in the video that he shared Charlie Haynes A BBC journalist on his Twitter account shows a woman who claims 5G is causing and increasing death in London:

We may see more extreme rumors.

It is worth noting that many groups and active members of social networks are still spreading such rumors on various social media platforms; this is despite the fact that the platforms fight this content but they did not eliminate it.

While many still embrace such rumors theories, despite refuting them in practice and scientifically, which means that we are in the process of another round of rumors that may cross the fifth generation networks of something completely new.

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