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Thursday March 26, 2020

Corona Burger … an innovation to boost morale

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The philosophy of Vietnamese chef Huang Tong is to invent a “green burger” in the form of the Corona virus, which has infected 148 people in his country, 17 of whom have recovered, according to official figures released by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health.

Huang Tong is trying to laugh at the face of the global epidemic, and is making fun of him, where he currently spends time with his team preparing dozens of burgers mixed with green tea, and then add a small “crowns” of dough to become similar to the Corona virus, which is sometimes described as a coronavirus.

“We are joking with this joke,” said Tung, at the “Pizza Home” shop to buy food in downtown Hanoi. “If there is something to frighten you, eat it.”

“Corona does not become intimidating when it consumes pieces of burgers in the form of the virus itself. This is a thought that spreads joy during the outbreak of this epidemic,” according to Reuters.

It seems that Tung’s effort to spread joy paid off, as the store sells about 50 burger pieces per day, despite the increasing number of stores and companies that have been forced to close because of the virus.

The 66-year-old customer, Dang Din Kue, said, while leaving his restaurant with his grandson, that green burgers were an exciting way to boost morale.

“This new Corona virus is very dangerous, but if we ate a burger in the same form, it would look on our minds as if we had actually triumphed over it,” he added.

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