Coriander benefits for skin

It is a type of herbal plant belonging to the tent family, and it is considered one of the indispensable ingredients in Indian cuisine, and its seeds are used as a kind of spice, and leaves for decoration, and coriander contains a lot of nutrients, such as: potassium, iron, and different types of vitamins, And calcium, magnesium, and many more, and in this article we will learn about the benefits of coriander for the skin.[1]

Coriander benefits for skin

Coriander benefits for skin:[2]

  • Treat skin diseases, such as eczema, rashes, itchy skin, infections, and others, by mixing an amount of coriander seeds, water, and a teaspoon of honey, until we have a cohesive paste, put it on the affected area, and leave it for at least an hour In addition, it treats ulcers that affect the mouth, by gargling the mouth using boiled coriander water.
  • It heals the pimples that appear on the skin, and gets rid of acne, and blackheads, because it contains anti-bacterial properties, and that is by mixing an equal amount of coriander, turmeric, and honey, until a cohesive mask is formed, and put it on the affected area, and leave it for some time. And wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • It opens from dark lips: this is by mixing two teaspoons of coriander juice and a teaspoon of lemon juice, applying the mixture to the affected area, leaving it overnight, washing it in the morning, and repeating the use of this recipe until we get the perfect result.
  • It treats infections that affect the skin.
  • Whitening and moisturizing the skin, by mixing two teaspoons of tomato juice, two teaspoons of coriander leaf juice, two teaspoons of clay powder, and some drops of lemon juice, until we have a cohesive mixture, and put it on the skin, and leave it for half At least an hour, then rinse it well with water.

General benefits of coriander

General benefits of coriander:[3]

  • Helps heavy menstrual flow, and reduces menstrual disorders, by mixing six grams of coriander seeds in half a liter of water, adding a spoonful of sugar, and eating the mixture three times a day.
  • Treat eye infections.
  • It prevents anemia, because it contains a high percentage of iron and vitamins.
  • It regulates blood sugar in people with diabetes, as it stimulates the production of insulin, and regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • It helps to lengthen the hair, thicken it, moisturize it, and add luster and luster to it, by massaging the hair with coriander oil twice a week.

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Coriander benefits for skin

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