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Many times we need to deal with files in certain formats. If the file is available in (Word) format and we want to send it to someone else, it must be converted into (PDF) format to ensure that it arrives as it is without an error in the nature of the file, and in the past the process of converting files was From one format to another is a complex matter, but with the development of software versions and website services, it has become easy to convert any file to a different format, and in this article we will mention how to convert Word files to PDF in easy and simple ways.

Ways to convert Word documents to PDF format

Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013

  • Open the (Word) file you want to convert to (PDF), then click on (File tab), then (Save As).
  • Choose (Create PDF Document) in the Files of Types field. This is the feature that enables you to directly convert the document, and it features 2010 and 2013 versions of Microsoft Office programs.
  • Click on (Create PDF/XPS), then type the name of the file, specify the location to save it, and click on (Publish).

Microsoft Word 2007

  • Open the (Word) file you want to convert to (PDF), and click on (File) at the top of the screen from the left.
  • Click on (Save as PDF or XPS), and if you do not have this option, you must download the (PDF and XPS) converter from the Microsoft website for free. In which.
  • After that, type the file name, specify the location to save it, and adjust other settings, for example, you can choose the file size if you need to reduce the size and quality of the file.
  • Click on the (Save) button, and you will be able to open the new file in (PDF) format through the (Adobe Reader) program.

Google Drive Google Drive

  • Sign in to your Google account, then go to the Google Drive website.
  • Convert the file you want to convert to Google Docs format.
  • Click the (Upload) button, which is an arrow pointing upwards in red and is located next to the word (Create).
  • Select the file and press (Open).
  • Open the file in Google Drive after uploading, where it will appear in My Drive view.
  • Click on the (File) option, then choose Download as (PDF), and the download will start directly or you may be asked to select a download location.


There are many websites that offer the service of converting (Word) files to (PDF) quickly and with high quality without the need to download programs. It allows you to download the file directly from the site.

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