Do you know how much is the salary of a construction worker in France? Learn in this article the details of the wages of construction workers in France and its variable value according to the city and specialization and its annual increase in addition to the available job opportunities and the most important French construction companies.

As the most popular tourist destination in the world, there are many great reasons to visit France, but to see the country from a different perspective away from the tourist fame, you can think about working and living in it, because of its excellent living and service features.

The main sectors contributing to the French economy are tourism, agriculture, energy, transportation, technology, manufacturing and construction, and this gives a great opportunity for construction professionals around the world to go there.

Construction worker salary in France

Construction worker salary in France

The salary of a construction worker in France is usually around 2,430 euros per month. Salaries range from 1,040 € (lowest) to 7,070 € (highest).

Average monthly wages in France are lower than in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, and are roughly equal to those in the UK, but higher than in southern or eastern European countries.

Percentages of construction worker salaries in France

There are two types of values ​​related to the average value of salaries, which are: the twenty-fifth percentile and the seventy-fifth percentile.

According to percentile statistics, 25% of construction workers earn less than 1,610 euros per month, 75% earn more than 1,610 euros, 75% earn less than 4,990 euros and 25% earn more From 4,990 euros.

Construction worker salaries in France by city

We will compare the salaries in the major cities that are the main destination for workers:

Paris (the capital): 2,700 euros per month.
Bordeaux: 2,250 euros per month.
Night: 2,230 euros per month.
Lyon: 2,570 euros per month.
Marseille: 2,620 euros per month.
Montpellier: 2,330 euros per month.
Nantes: 2,440 euros per month.
Strasbourg: 2,420 euros per month.
Toulouse: 2,570 euros per month.

Average hourly wages for a construction worker in France

It is the wage that an employee receives for each hour worked, and the average salary for construction workers in France is approximately 14 euros per hour worked.

Annual salary increases for construction workers in France

Construction workers in France receive a salary increase of approximately 8% every 16 months. The national average annual increase for all occupations combined is 9% given to employees every 15 months.

The average salary increase in one year (within 12 months) in France is 7%.
Annual increase rate by industry 2021:
Banking services: 2%
Energy: 4%.
Information technology: 6%.
Healthcare: 8%.
Travel: 1%.
Building: 3%.
Education: 5%.

Employment opportunities for construction worker in France

Although the French economy is the third largest in Europe and the sixth largest in the world, unemployment continues to be a problem in France.

The rate may have decreased towards the end of 2019, and is still declining very slowly, but it is generally higher in Belgium, Germany or the United Kingdom, albeit lower than in Spain, but so far almost 8.1% of the population is still unemployed.

This is due to the mismatch of the needs of companies in general and especially construction with the skills and experience available in the French labor force to carry out these jobs.

The health, engineering and construction sectors suffer from a shortage of qualified workers to fill vacant jobs, while there is a surplus of agricultural, manufacturing and mining workers.

With a large number of construction jobs available, if a person has the necessary and necessary construction skills that employers and managers of construction companies are looking for, finding a job in France should not be that difficult.

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The most important construction companies in France

Construction worker salary in France

When construction professionals go to France, they need to know which companies are the most reputable and most likely to offer them jobs.
Here are the top 10 building construction manufacturers in France by revenue in 2022:

1. Vinci

Energy, utilities, general waste treatment and public construction.
Location: Nanterre.
Number of employees: 218 thousand.

2- The General Company for Contracting and Construction “Eiffage Société”

Location: Velizy Villacoplay.
Number of employees: 70,400 employees.

3. VINCI Energies

Commercial and residential construction, management consultancy, electricity, oil and gas.
Location: Montison.
Number of employees: 82,300 employees.


General contracting, construction, renting other warehouses (furniture, construction and industrial equipment).
Location: Clichy.
Number of employees: 15800 employees.


General contracting, construction and human resources.
Location: San Quentin-en-Yvelines.
Number of employees: 85,100 employees.


General contracting, construction.
Location: Paris.
Number of employees: 58000 employees.

7. Eurovia

General contracting, construction.
Location: Paris.
Number of workers: 43,500 employees.

8- Vinci Concession

Architecture, engineering, design, construction and human resources.
Location: Roel Malmaison.
Number of employees: 20,000 employees.

9- Vinci Construction France

Commercial and residential building and construction.
Location: Nanterre.
Number of employees: 1,900 employees.

10- Soletanche Company

Commercial and residential building and construction.
Location: Paris.
Number of employees: 10,000 employees.

It should be noted that people from outside the EU (including Britons, Americans, Australians and Chinese) will need a permit to work in France. Employers often undertake this procedure, so the need here will be to confirm employment under a contract before starting work.

Once a job is found in a construction company, an application for a long-stay visa must be submitted through the French embassy or consulate in the home country.

If the person traveling to France is from an EU country, or a Swiss or Croatian citizen, he will not need a visa or permit to work in France, as long as he has an EU passport.

Finally, there will be a need for a good mastery of the French language, in order to facilitate communication with the French population, and the more fluent the language is, the more this will attract employers to sign contracts, especially in works that require dialogue and expressing opinions and experiences.

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