In this report, learn about the salary of a construction worker in Canada, which varies in different cities and provinces of Canada, and compare this salary with the salaries of construction workers in the world, in addition to the job opportunities available in Canada to hire construction workers.

The construction industry represents the backbone of the EU economy and is the number one industrial sector in Europe, with the sector employing more than 18 million people and representing 9% of the EU’s GDP.

Countries are constantly working to create new jobs, stimulate economic growth, and provide solutions in all areas of life.

Although highly sensitive to larger economic changes, the EU construction industry usually pays its employees well. However, the salary varies greatly by country.

As for Canada, it represents one of the world’s most civilized countries, the most developed and the most modern. Statistics have shown that large and medium cities comprise 82 percent of the total population.

Canada also generally scores high in terms of quality of life, education, economic strength, government cooperation with citizens, and a plurality of civil rights on a global scale.

In addition, Canada boasts highly developed construction industries in the construction sectors, employing more than 1.4 million people and generating more than $141 billion annually to the economy, and there are always many job opportunities.

It is not surprising that expatriates choose Canada as one of the preferred destinations to live and work, as it is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, reasonable cost of living, and the friendly nature of its indigenous people.

Moreover, it is the second lowest crime rate country in the world and is regularly voted as one of the best and quietest places to live.

construction worker salary in canada

construction worker salary in canada

The average salary for a construction worker in Canada is ($55,927 / CAD 70,793) per year, with salaries ranging from CAD 30,200 (lowest) to CAD 205,000 (highest).

Construction worker salary percentages in Canada

The percentages (the twenty-fifth and seventy-fifth) are considered essential in explaining the differences in salaries paid to Canadian construction workers, and from them the data on the distribution of salaries are shown. And therefore :
25% of construction workers earn less than C$46,500 per year while 75% earn more than C$46,500. We conclude that 75% of workers earn less than C$144,000 while 25% earn more than C$144,000.

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Comparison of construction workers salaries in Canada with other countries of the world

Canada is among the top 10 countries for construction workers, ranking fifth in the world, and the salary of a Canadian construction worker is the third highest average salary in construction (55,927), and Canada comes in the average salary for this field after Switzerland and the United Kingdom with the highest wages.

Construction workers in Canada benefit from an average, much more affordable cost of living than in Switzerland, Singapore, Denmark and other countries in the world.

The highest average salary for construction workers among all countries around the world is $79,159 (in Switzerland) while the lowest average salary is $875 (in Uzbekistan).

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Construction worker salary comparison in Canada by city

construction worker salary in canada

Below we will list the annual salaries paid in different cities of Canada:
Brampton: 72,000 Canadian dollars annually.
Calgary: $74,200 Canadian.
City of Edmonton: 73,600 Canadian dollars.
Gatineau City: 67,700 Canadian dollars.
Halifax: $68,700 Canadian.
Hamilton: $72,700 Canadian.
Kitchener City: $70,900 Canadian.
Markham City: $70,000 Canadian.
Mississauga: $74,800 Canadian.
Montreal: 79,100 Canadian dollars.
City of Ottawa: 75,400 Canadian dollars.
Quebec City: $74,100 Canadian.
City of Regina: $66,800 Canadian.
Richmond: 63,200 Canadian dollars.
Saskatoon: $67,500 Canadian.
Surrey: 69,400 Canadian dollars.
Toronto: 78,900 Canadian dollars.
City of Vancouver: 75,600 Canadian dollars.
Vaughan City: $68,600 Canadian.
Windsor: $68,000 Canadian.
Winnipeg: $73,200 Canadian.

Comparison of construction worker salaries in Canada by province

The salaries paid in Canada for each Canadian province are as follows:
Alberta: $75,600 Canadian.
British Columbia: $77,000 Canadian.
Manitoba: $72,700 Canadian.
Brunswick: 64,800 Canadian dollars.
Newfoundland Labrador: 63,500 Canadian dollars.
Northwest Territories: 70,400 Canadian dollars.
Nova Scotia: 66,400 Canadian dollars.
Nunavut: 73,300 Canadian dollars.
Ontario: $79,000 Canadian.
Prince Edward Island: $61,000 Canadian.
Quebec: $77,700 Canadian.
Saskatchewan: $68,100 Canadian.
Yukon: $62,600 Canadian.

Employment opportunities for construction worker in Canada and things to consider

With the ninth largest economy in the world, Canada has a GDP of $1.64 trillion and an unemployment rate of 6.5%. With this economic strength and low unemployment rate, Canada has very good opportunities for construction workers to find a job with a good salary. It also enjoys a wide spread of construction companies in most cities and provinces.

The fact that English is the main language (French is mostly spoken in the province of Quebec) should be noted, and is another big draw for expats.

The popular Canadian destinations for expats whether to settle or work are Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, Oakville and St. Albert.

An average employee is expected to work around 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday, although this depends on the nature of the business.

There are five public holidays in Canada (New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Canada National Day, Labor Day, and Christmas) with six additional holidays for employees. Different provinces and territories also have their own unique holidays.

The future of the construction industry around the world looks promising, with expectations of employing more than 220 million people, equivalent to 7 percent of the total global workforce, according to recent studies.

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