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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Conflicting news about Al-Sarraj’s intention to resign

The World – Libya

The source said this afternoon that Al-Sarraj “is heading to submit his resignation in the coming hours due to pressures exerted on him,” according to Sputnik.

The agency indicated that informed sources in western Libya had confirmed to them yesterday Al-Sarraj’s intention to resign today in a televised statement with an explanation of the reasons for this decision.

The sources said that Al-Sarraj is expected to assign one of his deputies, most likely Ahmed Maitiq, to ​​conduct business until the convening of the “13 + 13” committee to form the new presidential council, which will take over the reins of power during an 18-month preliminary stage.

For his part, the Minister of Labor in the Government of National Accord, Mahd al-Amin, denied yesterday news of Al-Sarraj’s intention to leave his post, describing these reports as “false news that have no basis and aim at misleading the media.”

This comes against the backdrop of recent tangible progress in the consultations held between the Libyan factions in Morocco and Switzerland, with the aim of settling the crisis the country is going through.

In this context, the Libyan Supreme Council of the State (the birthplace of the Skhirat Agreement) and the Libyan House of Representatives, which is based in Tobruk, announced at the conclusion of negotiations between them in the city of Bouznika near the Moroccan capital Rabat, that they had reached an agreement on the criteria and mechanisms for assuming sovereign positions in Libya. .

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