Marriage is the sacred relationship legislated by God Almighty to bring the male and the female together to build a family that lives in an atmosphere of mercy and friendliness, and this relationship leads to them bearing responsibility towards each other and towards the standards of the marital relationship as a whole, as God Almighty imposed on them some responsibilities and duties towards the home and children, but before This marriage is based on many important conditions, which we will mention in this article.

Terms of marriage

There are many conditions for marriage, including the material ones related to the dowry, the provision of shelter, and wedding equipment, and the moral ones related to the understanding and harmony of the two parties, which are as follows:

girl’s approval

One of the conditions for the validity of the marriage is the girl’s full approval of the suitor and stems from within her, without pressure or influence from anyone; Some families commit a great sin when they force their daughters to marry against their will. While some families ignore their consultation on the matter in the first place.

Parental consent

One of the conditions of marriage is the consent of the guardian. The father is in the first place, and the older one succeeds him in the event of his death, or the mother in the absence of him; Our Islamic religion has been keen on this condition in order to preserve the dignity of women, and to protect her from any concession or belittling of her status. The guardian decides all the conditions that the girl wants in her husband, and the form she wants for her life with him, and the guardian is considered the strongest bond for the woman in the event she is subjected to the oppression of her husband.

harmony between the two

Pay the girl’s dowry

This dowry is a sum of money to buy clothes and clothing, in addition to buying gold jewelry; The Messenger – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – instructed to take into account the circumstances of the suitor and underestimate him, as the bride’s family’s increase in her dowry and their exaggeration in it is considered a matter that is contrary to the law and involves a lot of extravagance and waste.

good treatment

The marriage relationship is built on the basis of the two parties’ respect for each other; It is not correct for the husband or wife to reduce the etiquette of dealing with the other party; By mentioning bad descriptions, or uttering offensive words, as they must be dealt with based on respect and love, which help the husband and wife to establish a happy and lasting life, and to raise their children in an atmosphere of psychological safety, away from problems and disputes.


The marriage is invalidated if the spouses agree to limit their marriage to a specific period of time; For the foundation of marriage is eternal and perpetual; How can two parties know in advance when they will separate, establishing a happy married life, having children, and raising them on sound principles?

Terms of marriage

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