Respecting time and appointments

The person must arrive on time for work or meetings, or he can try to arrive before that, and stay in the workplace until the end of the appointment, and care must be taken to be honest and faithful at work to gain the trust of the manager and colleagues, and to follow up on any work entrusted to it, as this will show It is an integral part of the company.[1]

Know the company’s policies

The person should familiarize themselves with the company’s policies and laws, and in the event that they are not known, it is possible to ask a competent person; Such as: human resources staff, and it is worth noting that it is not recommended to ask a co-worker; Because it is possible that his information is wrong, and it may cause problems for the person.[2]


One of the conditions for career success is for a person to be positive at work, to try to find solutions instead of problems, and to see opportunities instead of pitfalls, as positive people always look and look for everything that is good in their day, and avoid negative things, because they know that negativity It may negatively affect the person’s performance at work, and reduce his energy.[3]

define the priorities

Accomplishing more than one task at the same time, i.e. the enumeration of tasks, can reduce the quality of the completed tasks, and the enumeration of tasks does not increase productivity and quality of work, so whoever wants to succeed in his work must know his priorities for excellence in performance, as the successful employee sets priorities And accomplish it in a way that ensures its success.[3]

Keep practical problems out of work

It is preferable not to talk about any of the personal problems at work, as the person may become the subject of talk and gossip in the company, and this may give the manager and colleagues a negative idea about the person’s ability to accomplish his tasks at work.[2]

Finding solutions and avoiding problems

In order for a person to appear professional in his work, he must transform problems and negativity into solutions. He who has a specific problem must have ideas to overcome and improve this problem.[2]

the reviewer

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Conditions for career success

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