education Development

Education has developed very dramatically in the recent period. The curricula and the means used for assessment, teaching, and others have been developed. After education was weak and used primitive methods, modern technology began to enter it until it completely overwhelmed it. There are some advanced schools and universities where technology is used mainly to complete the process. educational.

Educational Technology

Many people have interpreted the concept of educational technology, and each researcher gave a different interpretation from the others, but the general definition states that educational technology is an integrated organization and consists of several elements and components, and these components interact with each other in order to obtain results with greater efficiency, and greater effectiveness in the process. This organization also uses the latest technologies in the current period, incorporates them into the educational process and uses them to serve it and achieve the desired goals.

education technology

It is an overlapping process that includes individuals and methods in addition to ideas, organizations and tools necessary to know and analyze problems that overlap in the aspects of human education and then devise the appropriate solution to problems, implement it and evaluate the results. They are similar in meaning, but there is a difference between them, so education technology is a more general and comprehensive term; It includes all fields of education, and the opposite is not true.

technology in education

It is the use of modern technological techniques, whether technological tools or devices, or audio-visual tools and others, and harnessing them to serve the various educational centers, and thus the concept of technology in education is part of the concept of educational technology that explains the use of different devices and technologies in the fields of education.

education media

The concept of teaching aids clarifies the tools, devices, and techniques used by the teacher and the course director, as well as the educated student, in order to achieve the desired results and achieve the desired goals of the educational process. Therefore, the concept of educational aids and the concept of technology in education are parts of the main concept of educational technology.

educational technology applications

  • The smart board or the blackboard, which is one of the most important teaching aids, and the main part of the educational process; For use in communicating information to students.
  • Using various social media and exploiting them in the field of education by creating pages for scientific projects, and facilitating the process of communication between students and exchanging information.
  • Modern mobile applications, as well as tablet computers, that can be used in educational games, breaking routine and traditional education.
  • The exchange of information is easier and faster, through the use of electronic messages.

educational technology concepts

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