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Thursday July 22, 2021

Comprehensive theme for Windows 10 system protection

How to secure the user on Windows 10, we are often not interested in the security and protection measures that must be taken to avoid any penetration of our accounts or our files on the computer. Some think that the most important measure is to install a protection program against viruses and malware, but with the development of technology, methods of electronic theft also develop Therefore, precautions must be taken regarding these incidents to secure our privacy.

The first thing I want to mention is that if you are a Windows user, it is better to install Windows 10 because so far it is the safest version of Windows. However, we will follow the following procedures to ensure our privacy.

Table of contents

First, set the Windows 10 features:

At the beginning of the Windows installation, a window appears asking you whether you want to work with the default settings or Express settings, or if you want to customize the settings, so it is recommended to choose Customize and disable all the options that you find in front of you, because these options transfer your data, movements, schedule, etc.. to Microsoft servers The dangerous thing here is not in Microsoft itself, but what is frightening is that some hackers may cut the path of this data and steal it or spy on you through it, so it is better to disable it.

Comprehensive protection theme for Windows 10 2

But if you have skipped this step and you are already working on Windows 10, you will open the Start menu, then click on the Settings icon, then choose Privacy, and here you will see a screen like the following image in which you will disable all the options in front of you.

Comprehensive theme for Windows 10 3 system protection

Second, activate the automatic update:

Unfortunately, we have a culture that these updates do not matter as long as the computer works well and there is no problem, but in fact, these updates are very important as Microsoft sends security updates every period whenever it discovers any security vulnerability, so we also recommend activating the automatic update and that is done You’ll open the Start menu and type Windows Update. This will take you to a screen where you’ll choose Advanced Options and make sure that it says Automatic under the Choose how updates are installed option and tick Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows.

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Comprehensive theme for Windows 10 4 system protection

Third, activate Windows Defender:

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft Windows Defender is installed to protect against viruses and malware. If you do not have an anti-virus program, you can use this program and activate it by opening Start, then Settings, then selecting Update & Security, then choosing Windows Defender from the left menu. And activate both: Real-time protection, Cloud-based Protection and Automatic sample submission. If you do this step, you do not need to download and install any anti-virus software.

Comprehensive theme for Windows 10 5 system protection

Fourth, activate the firewall or Windows Firewall:

Also among the important lines of defense for your computer is the firewall of the system. It is never recommended to disable the work of this wall at all. To make sure that it is activated or not, you will open the Start menu and then type Firewall and then click on Windows Firewall.

Comprehensive theme for Windows 10 6 system protection

If you see that the shields appearing on the screen are colored green, this means that the firewall is activated, but if it appears otherwise, you will press Turn Windows Firewall on or off from the left menu and the following screen will appear, from which you will activate the firewall in the case of Private and Public.

Comprehensive theme for Windows 10 7 system protection

We will also go back one step and then choose Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall, from which you will choose the programs that can allow entry through the firewall, and these programs must be carefully selected.

Comprehensive theme for Windows 10 8 system protection

It is also recommended to disable all programs that start with the word Remote so that no program based on the remote control function will take control of your computer.

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Comprehensive theme for Windows 10 9 system protection

Fifthly, set the Advanced Sharing Settings:

Also, the ways to share data between the computer and any other device, whether on the local network or the global network, must be set by opening the Start menu and then typing Advanced Sharing Settings, and then the following window will appear

Comprehensive theme for Windows 10 10 system protection

Where you will do the following:

In the Private clause:

  • Disable network discovery.
  • Disable file and printer sharing.
  • Enable Allow windows to manage HomeGroup connections.

In the Guest or Public line:

  • Disable network discovery.
  • Disable file and printer sharing.

In the All Networks section:

  • Disable Public folder sharing.
  • Disable media streaming.
  • Enable Use 128-bit encryption for file sharing connections.
  • Activate Turn on password protected sharing.

Sixth, User Account Control UAC:

The degree of security must also be raised in running programs so that no program is run without the user’s knowledge. This vulnerability is what hackers exploit to run a remote program that steals or encrypts data. Therefore, it is recommended to raise the degree of security for this option by opening the Start menu and typing UAC and then pressing Change User Account Control Settings and then you will see that its default setting is Notify me only when apps try to make changes to my computer, but it is better to make it Always notify.

Comprehensive theme for Windows 10 11 system protection

Seventh, I use a local account to open the computer:

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft offers its users to register with a Microsoft account to unlock the computer instead of entering a simple password, but the best is to use a local password and a local account for the same reason mentioned in the first point. All you have to do is open the Start menu, type Account, and then choose Manage. your account and make sure that there is the word “Local Account” under the name of the account registered on the computer. If you do not find that, you will find another option instead, which is Sign in with a local account instead.

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Comprehensive theme for Windows 10 12 system protection

Eighth, the use of the lock screen:

A lot of times when we work on the computer for long periods and then do anything else we forget to put the computer on the lock screen. The issue is simple just pressing windows key + L, but to prevent any penetration of your computer and you are not using it or forgot to close it, you will open the Start menu and then type Lock Screen, then choose Lock Screen settings and the following window will appear:

Comprehensive theme to protect Windows 10 13

You will click on Screen timeout settings, and then choose the time it takes for the device to go to the lock screen while you are away from it, as in the following screen:

Comprehensive theme to protect Windows 10 14 لحماية

With this, we have finished listing the 8 most important protection measures to protect your computer and files from any penetration, and we recommend using these precautions and not being disregarded, especially if this computer is a work computer, as it is more vulnerable to hacking.

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