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Monday November 9, 2020

Common Pass app: your health passport

With the passage of nearly a year since the beginning of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, COVID19, which has become a burden on all of humanity, and because of its negative effects that it left on various sectors of daily life, it was necessary to find solutions that help to coexist and adapt to a virus that is considered the most widespread and dangerous in the history of Humanity.

And because travel had the lion’s share in terms of great negative impact, as the process of travel between many countries around the world stopped, as many of them closed the land, sea and air borders alike to tourists and businessmen.

Today, with the gradual end of the total closure of international travel, measures to ease restrictions at borders began slowly all over the world, and new roads had to be created to facilitate the conduct of travelers, especially international travelers, as there is a need for a safe and verifiable system of health records. For travelers wanting to move across the border.

CommonPass One of these initiatives to address these challenges is an application that allows people to document their COVID19 status to meet the entry requirements of the country they want to visit.

Through CommonPass, travelers can document their health status, whether with regard to test results or get vaccinations on their phones, and present them electronically when boarding a plane or crossing borders, in order to facilitate international travel and border crossing while maintaining the privacy of their health data.

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The application is part of a nonprofit initiative supported by the World Economic Forum and the Swiss Foundation The Commons Project, and aims to develop a common global framework to achieve safety and return crossborder travel to prepandemic levels.

The application is currently under trial, and passengers without mobile phones can obtain a printed QR code and present it to airport officials while boarding the plane or upon arrival.


One of the problems that the app can contribute to solving is that the COVID19 test results provided in regional languages ​​and conducted by unknown laboratories pose a major problem for airlines that are not sure of the reliability of these results, and so CommonPass will be a comprehensive digital pass in such as These are times when healthy travelers will be able to avoid quarantine in foreign countries.

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