color blind

It is a general expression that indicates the inability to see colors clearly.

Types of color blindness

  • Complete color blindness.
  • Partial color blindness.

Complete and partial color blindness

The patient in complete color blindness is unable to see and distinguish colors clearly. As for partial blindness, the patient is unable to distinguish some colors as a result of a change in special cells in the retina; Where the light spectra are converted to color, and when there is a defect in these cells, the patient cannot see clearly, and it usually does not hinder human life.

Tests for color blindness

  • Special brochures with special colors and numbers.
  • Making some digital paintings for color blindness.

color blindness treatment

There is usually no cure for color blindness as the disease is genetic.

Dr. Salem Abu Al-Ghanam – Consultant Ophthalmologist

Video about color blindness

The video talks about color blindness and its types.

Color blindness – video

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