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Saturday February 22, 2020

Cologne Carnival – –

The German carnival of Cologne is an ancient carnival that presented the history of the city itself, but was celebrated in the organized way that we know today only about 190 years ago, and the Greeks and Romans celebrated the happy spring festivals in honor of Dionysus and Saturn with wine, women, and songs, and the ancient Germans celebrated the winter solstice from In order to honor the gods, and drive out evil demons in the winter, celebrations are spread all over “crazy days” some of which are formal and some are organized independently in bars, restaurants, and community centers throughout this stunning medieval city that Formed for the first time in the 14th century, locals who masquerade are proud of their costumes and trying to make it as strange as possible. [1]

Origins of the Cologne Carnival

It is reported that the carnival started in the Middle Ages, when the German tribes celebrated the acceptance of the winter coup to meet their deities and get rid of the winter demons, and Christians celebrated this celebration at a later date and became their own.

The start of the official celebration of the Cologne Carnival was in 1823 by the Cologne Carnival Celebration Committee on February 10, 1823 The idea of ​​the carnival hero was invented and the creature prince was introduced on the first Monday, and two other people were introduced: the eldest who is traditionally a man dressed as a woman, and a peasant. [2]

What is the fifth season of Cologne

Cologne celebrates the week leading up to the big fast of the crazy Germany Festival. Millions of celebrities in carnival wear fancy dress invading the city to celebrate for a week, and the residents of Cologne do not just simply build their year in the winter, spring, summer, and autumn, but they add a fifth season to their calendar Each year on November 11 at 11:11, when the carnival season is organized in the Old Town Market Square and a giant party is held in the streets across the city, and carnival sessions and concerts are on the agenda until February or March, with the exception of the Christmas season. Bids and Christmas holidays, they culminate in a weeklong party between Fat Thursday and Tumor Wednesday. [1]

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When does cologne carnival start

The main carnival week opens officially on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday on a day referred to as the women’s carnival day, the day when women are leaders of the city, and this is a very different day when women go to work or shops in fancy dress and cut ties with any A foolish man on that day, the carnival is officially announced open at 11.11 am by the three carnival figures representing the prince, the peasant, and the virgin, and any time after that, the parties begin, and that evening there will be many convincing formal and informal parties, but Be on Men pay for all drinks.

And on Friday and Saturday evenings, of course party times start with “ghost processions” known as Geisterzug, which take place on Saturday. As for Sunday it is Children’s Day, and Monday comes as the height of all madness, as Rosenmonntag, or Rose Monday, there is a corridor For ornate buoys, coaches, giant walking games, horses, and thousands of people in civilian clothes walking on their 6-kilometer road through the city streets, for example, thousands of chocolate bars along with countless sweets and flowers are thrown into the crowds, And thousands are consumed,

Concerts continue until late at night, moreover, on most days of carnival, concerts and special events will be organized during the evening.

On Tuesday of the Carnival Week, there are likely to be smaller processions in many suburbs of the city, then on Wednesday itself, it is usual for those who can get out of bed to eat fish, and traditional dishes will be served in all restaurants and bars on this day in the form of Large . [3]

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Costumes to be worn at the Cologne Festival

Upon entering the city, we find men and women wearing strange clothes, and women are disguised, as they wear colored wigs, and they put the strangest types of makeup.

Foods eaten at the Cologne carnival

Many bars and restaurants open intermittently during the main week, so street food will be the best friend of people during celebrations, most stalls will serve kebabs, falafel, or the famous currywurst, but smaller establishments throughout Cologne offer Asian and petra cuisine. [3]

Cologne Carnival 2020 schedule

This year’s Carnival of Cologne will be celebrated on Thursday, February 20, 2020, Weiberfastnacht (Women’s Carnival Day) follows the official opening of the Carnival at 11.11 am by the Mayor of Cologne, and the next day, Carnival Friday is quieter in terms of offers, but Many other events take place, including balls and side shows.

On Saturday, February 22, there is a carnival lunch, followed by a ghost show in the evening with many topics and ghostly pictures, and on Sunday of the carnival, school children and some neighborhoods dressed in carnival clothes, the goal is to confirm the idea that the carnival is for all residents of Cologne On Monday, known as the rise of the two, is the highlight of the carnival, as rafts float in the city from ten o’clock in the morning, as participants blow kisses and throw flowers at large crowds.

On Tuesday, a straw figure called Nubbel is burned in the middle of the night, and the carnival ends on Ash Wednesday when church followers receive a cross of ashes on their foreheads before a traditional fish dinner.

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Cool Cole

Everything is going on in this attractive and colorful carnival with people wearing wigs, unusual costumes and masks, some with body paint, the crowd imitation is a “cool well” imitation that translates to “Cologne above all”. [2]

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